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Locale key or area code is specifically elucidated as “It is a telephonic numbering plan or local call intention which usually a pinpoint or put a name to identifies one of the telephone areas in which the US and particular other countries are divided that precedes a local buzz number when dialing a call between sphere.”

Purpose of Area Code

Area Code or Locale Key somehow play a major role in the telephone numbers which direct a protracted interspace a toll- call or telephone conversation to their specific port to call.

Example of Area Code/ Local Key:

There are different keys or codes used for different areas or countries. Some examples of area codes are given below;

  • +1 dialing code (United States)
  • +27 dialing Code (South Africa)
  • +92 dialing (Pakistan)

818 Code Area:

Area Code 818 unfolds the hugely urbanized Californian City San Fernando Valley in the northern Los Angeles cosmopolitan zone.

818  code area

Interestingly, Area code 818 overspread area code 747 to cover a large number of populations.

  • Location

Area 818 code specifically covers these locations and other countries as well, i.e.,

Location (Los Angeles, Ventura).

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  • Time zone 

818 area code track-down in the pacific time zone (time of the eighth time zone, which usually covers pacific coastal latitudes).

The pacific time zone is also known as America/ Los Angeles. The current time is 2:30 am and -7:00 Hours’ Time Zone Abbreviation.

Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, Monrovia, Oak Park, Topanga, Taylor hill, Atop Signal Hill, Beverly Hills.

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  • Pacific Time-Zone

The Pacific Time Zone is a zone that circumscribes the part of western Canada, the United States, Western Mexico.

Pacific time-zone

Places in this zone perceive the standard time by subtracting instant eight hours from synchronized universal time. Throughout daylight saving time, offset of UTC (coordinated universal time) is 07-00 is used. 

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  • Toll-Free 

The toll-Free number is a North America Numbering Plan (NANP), often called 818 area code. Mostly a toll-free number is linked with a peculiar number.

When the toll-free number is dialed, the caller turns a call free of charges to that number which has been programmed to.

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  • Scam, Who’s Calling

The scam generally is very common to get a scam call or scam mail, and often scam calls are kinds of calls based on swindling or double-dealing activity to steal your money or your personal information.

818 call code is not a scam call. If you often receive it, try to answer. Some scams are often needed to face by people. These scam call codes are (809), (829), (876), (473), (268), (284), (849).

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History of 818 Area Code:

Area Code 818 and 747, mostly California area codes, fundamentally offset the San Fernando Valley, area of Los Angeles County, and cities of California.

History of 818 area code

Locale key 818 was originated in a splinter from areas code key 213 on journey 7, 1984. June 14, 1997, area codes get split from the area code 626 in most of the San Gabrial Valley. 

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Nearby Area Codes 818:

Nearby area code means the dialing code of surrounding cities and areas, 818 area code nearby area code are given below:

(213, 323) Los Angeles,

(310,424) Los Angeles,

(442, 760) Oceanside,

(661) Bakersfield others are also included in it.

818 Area Code Map: 

818 area code on the map can be located in different countries and nearby areas of 818 code.

Los Angeles, Glendale, Mission Hill, San Fernando, North Hollywood, Sun Valley.

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Top five cities in Area Code 818:

 We know that area code key 818 is usually a pinpoint used to identify the area name and estimate the area population. Highly used area code 818 San Fernando population estimation is over 1.8 million.

Top five cities in area  code 818

Some countries where 818 area code keys are used and their population is given below.

Countries NamePopulation, (% of area code 818)
Los Angeles3, 792, 621 (37%)
Glendale191, 719 (5%)
Burbank103,340 (3%)
San Fernando23,645 (0%)
Bell Canyon2,049 (1%)

Top Two counties in Area Code 818:

These are the top five counties where 818 area code keys are used as locale keys to telephonic numbering plans.

CountiesPopulation (% of area code 818)
Los Angeles9,818,605 (95%)
Ventura823,318 (5%)

Major cities and communities served by area code 818: 

As it is well known that area code 818 is served highly urbanized areas and states;

  • California
  • Los Angeles
  • Northern cities and communities of Los Angeles
  • San Fernando

What region could an 818-call come from?

As it is well mentioned that 818 is an area code of highly urbanized states, and if you have received a call from a number with a call code 818, it means that a call comes from Los Angeles and California, San Fernando, or maybe nearby counties and cities or might be from Holly-wood and Pasadena, etc.

What region could an 818 call come from?

These two areas are highly in demand regarding calls by this code.

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How do I call up an area code 818 number?

If you are trying to call up an area code 818 number, simply what you need to do is dial 7 digits number with the local area code, which is 818, and make a call.


What is a vanity phone number?

A vanity phone number is a tailor-made set of digits that specifically demonstrate a word or are somehow memorable.

Vanity phone numbers can re-write the number in words like a phrase, logo, abbreviations, and company name. The big advantage of a vanity number is it promotes the brand’s advertainment.

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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers are the numbers that do not frolic on any fixed locations; rather, they use codes but are not fixed on specific codes like the 818-code area.

What is a virtual phone number?

You can call anywhere by any cell phone or soft-phones. Virtual phone number is flawless for the office worker, employees, and remote jobholders.

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Is (818) area code a toll-free number?

Toll-free numbers and free phone numbers are the numbers that are billed when any call gets arrived; another caller will be billed.

A call from any landline number that is free of charge is also considered a toll-free call. Often these codes consider as toll-free calls (800), (888), (877), (855).

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818 Area Code Zip Code, how do I block unwanted 818 calls?

A postal code is a sequence of numeral figures which indicates the postal address and any area zip code. It consists of five-digit numbers; some examples of these postal codes and zip codes are given below.

CountriesPostal code/zip code


Zipcodes are the series of five-digit numbers of postcodes that are used by the united states postal service.

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Blocking of unwanted number 818 calls:

we know that 818 area code calls are mostly received in Los Angeles. The entertainment industry “Hollywood” is located there, so somehow people face scams and unwanted calls to run domestic businesses.

Unwanted Number 818 calls can be getting blocked, or if you’ve received any spam call using this 818-call code, simply what you need to do is select the number and put it in the block list.

It is very easy to block the number.

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Is area code 818 a scam | Top three scams hitting 818 residents:

Often call with area code 818 is not suspected spam, but if calling with this local area code, i.e., 809, 829, 849, 473, etc., these callers might be spam.

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Top Scams Hitting 818 Residents:

  • Money laundering / Stealing Money
  • Making someone fool
  • Blackmailing scams
Top scams hitting 818 residents


As we mentioned, that 818 area code is highly used in urbanized areas to estimate a large population. Like in Los Angeles, California, San Fernando, and nearby large population areas, it sounds amazing. So, the presumptions are it is very beneficial somehow. It could be advantageous to run a business using the call area codes, etc. You can run your own business, create a business model, and become your business owner. You can follow the steps which are given below.

  • Estimate a population of 2 million people.
  • You can effortlessly run a company of virtual numbers in Los Angeles and Southern California. 
  • Enlarge your gig, localize advertising and brands in Los Angeles by using telephone area codes, and sometimes additional area codes can also get utilized. 
  • Improve cold calling campaigns of 7-digit dialing code using area code 818 digits, utilize it in business calls and business conversations 

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