844 Area Code – Location, Toll-Free Numbers? Scam?


Area codes are the part of telephone numbers that are used at every place in the world. Area codes are also known as NPAs in some countries.

NPAs refer to Numbering Plan Areas. Area codes provide information about the location of the caller and route the calls to their major destination.

844 area code

The Bell Telephone Company developed an area code system in the 1940s.

What gave it the name of the North American Numbering Plan. The very first area code was 201. Area codes are different for different locations.

Before the invention of area codes, calling someone located to another location was a tricky task.

Area codes have made our life so much easier. Area codes have many advantages, some of which are listed below;

  1. Area codes facilitate the callers to make a call anywhere without using any human operator.

2. Area codes represent the identity of the caller.

3. Area Codes reduce the long-distance fee of the calls.

4. Area codes are very important for business purposes. Customers prefer to contact businesses that offer a legitimate toll-free area code.

A phone call with an area code sounds more credible to potential customers as the area codes represent the callers’ identity and show the companies’ professional image.

Area Code shows the additional features of the companies and provides a customized caller experience.

So, it becomes easier for customers to track the official location of the companies and buy their services.

There are a lot of international area codes available in the world. 844 Area Code is one of them.

Here I have listed everything that you need to know about the 844 Area Code.

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844 Area Code

844 Area Code is a unique international dialing code. In some areas, 844 Area Code is also referred to as a 1-800 toll-free number.

It is used as toll-free calling by businesses. It was developed in December 2013.

844 Area Code is used in the countries located in North America Continent which is the third-largest continent in the world.

This code is not associated with a specific geographic range, just like 833 toll-free codes.

It is a toll-free number that charges no cost to customers.

844 Area Code helps in different business units and facilitates the customers to call businesses for free.

This code enhances the advanced features of the business services. Companies use this code to call their customers.

Companies can also send individual text messages by using the 844 Area Code.

This code helps business owners to start their business more efficiently.


Callers need to know about the code location.

844 Area Code serves in different American Countries including the areas United States, Canada, Caicos Islands, Saint Lucia, Canadian Regions, South Central States, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Central Canada, North Marina Islands, Saint Kitts, Saint Vincent, Puerto Rico, East North Central States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Sint Maarten, Atlantic Canada, Caribbean Islands, and Costa Rica.

People from the Pacific and Caribbean regions can also use this special three-digit code.  

Time zone

It is a very commonly asked question that what time zone does area code 844 cover?

844 code is not a geographic code. 844 Area Code locates the North American Region Countries.

Time zone

The North American Continent is divided into several time zones like Eastern Time, Central Time, Samoa Time, Chamorro Time, Mountain Time, and many more.

Some time zones observe daylight time.

So, the 844 Area Code serves under many time zones because the geographic range of the American Continent is so wide.

Toll-Free Number

The toll-free number is used as a business phone.

A toll-free number allows you to call via wireless phone or landline without paying any calling charges.

The code prefix 8 in 844 Area Code shows a toll-free number in the United States, Canada, and all other countries that use the American Numbering Plan.

 Legitimate Area Code?

844 Area Code is trustworthy and legitimate. It is widely used in business units.

Sometimes, Scammers can also use the 844 Area Code to irritate and trap innocent people.

But it is a very rare case and can be avoided by taking some precautions.

Who’s calling?

844 Area Code toll-free number is a legitimate area code.

Who's calling?

It does not provide any information about the actual area code as it is not used in a specific area, so it does not allow you to see the caller’s exact location.

Are calls from 844 Numbers Toll-Free?

A toll-free number contains a specific area code. A toll-free number allows for toll-free calling.

When callers make a call by using a toll-free number, they do not have to pay the fees of calls.

A lot of toll-free business services are available in the world.

They are commonly used in customer service calling. Toll-free numbers increase the worth and credibility of business services.

Most of the business units provide free-of-cost customer response channels.

The prefix 8 represents a toll-free number in American Continent.

7 toll-free numbers are available in the United States. The three-digit code 844 is also a toll-free number. This three-digit answer provides toll-free Email fax.

Mostly Business services use this code to provide their services. This code allows the callers not to pay for the incoming calls.

Is it possible to calls from 844 Area Code a Scam?

Customer service teams widely use 844 dial Code. Customer Service Teams are the legitimate callers.

They provide their complete identity, valid Email address, company address, and other compulsory details.

Sometimes, debt relief scammers can also make fake phone calls by using this code to misguide the customers.

Some code scams claim that they are from a wide range of companies or law practices searching for lawyers.

Some scammers say that they are from a tech support team or law enforcement. Often scammers ask you to provide your credit card numbers or bank details. 

To any business phone without reassuring the official Email address, Company’s toll-free number, They can say that we are a debt collector.

Scammers know that 844 is a trustworthy code, and if they use this code, definitely people will think that any customer service company is calling.

Every call from 844 Area Code is not a scam, but sometimes, you are being called by a scammer.

You can avoid these scam calls by dialing the actual toll number of the concerned office.

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How do I Block Unwanted 844 Calls?

If you want to block unwanted 844 calls from annoying callers:

  1. Choose your mobile phone’s “settings” option.
  2. Click on the “Blocking” option.
  3. Click the “add to block list” option. You can also visit the consumer help center to block unwanted calls.
How do i block unwanted 844 calls?

How can you tell a Scammer Number?

You can use the Reverse Phone Check website to identify whether the incoming calls are a scam or not.

It is the easiest way to get rid of fake phone calls.

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Difference between 844 and other Toll-Free Numbers?

A variety of toll-free numbers are used in the world. 844_toll-free numbers are primarily used in the North American Region Countries.

Toll-free numbers cost no charge to customers. They are used in customer service lines for companies.

Is it possible to send Text Messages with my 844 Number?

844 toll-free dial Code is text-enabled. When you receive a message from this number, you can also send a message free of charge in response.

Is it possible to send text messages with my  844  number?

It is a toll-free text messaging code. You can use this code to send individual messages, one-on-one text messages, and bulk texts.

While texting, some standard text message rates may be applied.

Do these work Nationwide?

Yes, 844 Area Code works nationwide.

The amazing thing is 844 code works in all North American Region Countries.

What is a Vanity Number?

A vanity number is also a toll-free number. Vanity numbers are alphanumeric.

They are mostly longer than a traditional number. A vanity number can use the local area code.

It makes your business services unique and credible. Vanity numbers are easy to remember. 

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What Country Code is 84?

84 Area Code is used for Vietnam Country. This code allows you to make a call in Vietnam. This code is used after dialing IDD (International Direct Dialing).

What country code is 84?


The 844 area code phone number has much importance, especially in business units.

This code helps to enhance the customer calls of the companies.

Different legitimate companies like Banks, retail, law enforcement, and Retail stores provide toll-free services.

Although 844 dialing numbers are very demanding codes, you should be very careful when called by a toll-free number.

Some scammers try to trap innocent people by using these codes. You can avoid code scams by taking some precautions.

Don’t give your personal information to any business phone without reassuring the official Email address, Company’s toll-free number, and other details.

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