917 Area Code Location, Time Zone, Toll-Free? Explained

Area codes are unique numbers. These numbers are assigned to different geographical areas. Every geographical area has its own unique Area Code.

Area Codes are a combination of 3 same or different digits. Bell Telephone Company introduced the area code system in the 1940s.

917 area code

In the 20th century, Area Codes were also known as the North American Numbering Plan System. Area Codes have made our lives much easier. We can make a call anywhere by using these Area Codes.

Area Codes facilitate us with the following advantages:

· Area Codes save us from paying for long-distance calls.

· Area Codes help us to identify the identity of callers.

· Area Codes reduce the use of the human operator.

· Area Code provides fantastic service in business sectors.

A lot of Area Codes are available everywhere in the world. 917 Area Code is one of them that serve in the largest city of the United States. If you want to know about the 917 Area Code, this article is very helpful.

Below, I’ve listed everything that you need to know about the 917 Area Code.

Area Code 917, Location, Time Zone, Toll-Free? Scam, Who’s calling?

Area Code 917:

917 Area Code is also a part of the North American Numbering Plan System. This Code belongs to the list of original Area Code that the North American Numbering Plan System develops.

It was introduced in 1992 as an additional Area Code overlay plan. It is an overlay Area code that is used in the boroughs of New York City.


New York City has been using different Area Codes for different locations.


Code 917 location maps show that 917 Area Code is primarily assigned to five boroughs of New York City, including The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

Time Zone:

Area Code 917 follows Eastern Time or ET. Eastern Standard Time Zone lags the Greenwich Mean Time or Coordinated Universal Time Zone by 5 hours(-5:00 hours).

During March to November, 917 Area Code is observed under the daylight Saving Time.

So, during this period, this Telephone Code Number follows the Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). EDT lags the Greenwich Mean Time by 4 hours (-4:00 hours).


917 Area Code is assigned to five boroughs of New York City. It has geographical boundaries. That’s why; it’s not a toll-free number. Toll-free Numbers are not assigned to any specific location.

Is the 917 Area Code legitimate?

Yes, the 917 Area Code is legitimate. It belongs to the list of original area codes.

Is the 917 area code legitimate?

And it is one of the prestigious Area Codes. But it is reported that some scammers are also using this Code to trap people.

Who’s calling?

917 Code Phone Number is not a globally used Area Code. It serves in New York City. This Code can provide information about the callers.

If you receive incoming calls from 917 Area Code, you can easily recognize your caller’s identity.

History of Area Code 917:

New York City has an ever-increasing population. It has been using different area codes.

The First Area Code for New York City was 212 assigned to Hill Queens, Gardens Queens, and Rockaway Queens.

Than 719 Area Code was introduced; this Code was assigned to Bronx, Marble Hill, Middle Village Queens, Maspeth Queens, and Howard Beach Queens.

In 1992 demand for telephones were increased. So, 917 Area Code was introduced as an Overlay Code Numbering Plan.

It is one of the telephone codes for the city. This Code is assigned to Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn kings, Manhattan, and Queens.

917 Area Code Map:

917 Area Code-Location Map tells us that different counties use this Code, including Bronx County, Kings County, New York Count, Queens County, and Richmond County.

917 area code map

Moreover, this phone code is also used by different major cities and towns, including Brooklyn Farflung Borough, Bronx Bronx, Flushing, New York, and Staten Island, Cambria Heights Queens, Middle Village Queens, Jersey City, and Ridgewood Queens.

Top 3 Cities in Area Code 917:

3 larger cities that use the 917 Area Code are given below with their population:

                    City                                                                Population

           New York                   8,175,133
          Bellerose                   1,193
          Bellerose Terrace                    2,198

Top 5 Counties in Area Code 917:

The top 5 counties in Area Code 917 are given below with their population.

              County                                                                     Population

           Richmond County             468,730
           Kings County             2,504,700
           Queens County             2,230,722
            New York County            1,585.783
            Bronx County             1,385,108

What Regions could a 917 Call Come from?

917 is an Area Code of the United States. 917 calls can come only from those areas in which the 917 Area Code provides services.

917 Area Code provides services in Staten Island, Kings, Richmond, Queens, Brooklyn Kings, New York, Corona Queens, Oakland Gardens Queens, Flushing Queens, Elmhurst Queens, and the Bronx.

What Time Zone does Area Code 917 follow?

917 Area Code follows the Central Time Zone and Eastern Time (ET). Eastern Time or ET lags the Greenwich Mean Time by five hours (-5:00 hours).

But from March to November, this Code follows the Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). EDT lags the Coordinated Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time by four hours (-4:00 hours).

Is 917 a Good Area Code?

Yes, 917 Area Code for cell phones is good. It is a legitimate and reachable code. This Code serves the largest city in the world.

This Code is assigned to the 5 outer boroughs of New York City, namely Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn Kings of New York, and Richmond.

917 Area Code is very easy to use. You need to dial 1+ 3-digit Area Code +7-Digit Telephone Number.

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What is a Vanity Phone Number?

Vanity Number is a customized and local number different from other landline numbers and area codes. It is a toll-free number.

A Virtual Number is a set of digits that are memorable in some way. Vanity Number is commonly used in business sectors.

You need a business phone service to get a Vanity Number. You can get a vanity Number for your company from any code carrier.

Code carriers offer a full business phone service plan with unlimited minutes, call history logs, and many more.


What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual Number is a direct inward dialing number. This Number is associated with a specific area. Virtual Number is used to make or receive calls from anywhere in the world.

What is a virtual phone number?

This Number can be used on any calling device.

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Is (917) Area Code Toll-Free?

No, 917 Area Code is not a toll-free number. This Number has geographical boundaries. It serves in only five boroughs of New York City.

But a toll-free number is not associated with any specific region. A toll-free number is used globally.

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How to Block calls from 917?

You can block the unwanted code calls from 917 Area Code. , find out the “settings” option on your phone. Choose the “Blocking” option. Please select the desired number and add it to the block list.

Also, you can register you’re compliant by using Customer Support Executives.

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Is Area Code 917 a Scam?

No, 917 Phone Area Code is not a scam. This Code is authentic and reliable. Sometimes, scammers make the misuse this Area Code.

Is area code 917 a  scam?

These scammers can ask for your bank account details, insurance, or any tech support. You can avoid such scams by not answering unwanted calls. Don’t provide any personal and financial information to any caller.

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917 Area is the heart of New York City. New York is the financial capital of the world and a bustling city. It contains a lot of giant companies.

This city provides a stable and excellent business environment. 917 Area Code provides fantastic and Decent Customer Base services in the business units.

This is a local and reliable code that keeps you reachable.

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