Amazon Employment Verification Reasons to verify amazon employment

Amazon employment verification is a process to verify the individual employees against their national registration number to sell items from Amazon.

Reasons to verify amazon employment

Amazon employment verification is necessary because it ensures that the candidate has the required experience to perform the job well. Employment verification also discloses false employment claims, employment status, or fabrication of job titles.

Reasons to verify amazon employment

Another important reason is that if a person has to apply for mortgage or credit card applications, then details are taken from the company to grant a loan. That includes;

• Starting and end date of employment

• Currently status of employment

• Salary of a specific month

• Designation of current/previous employment

To become a verified employee at Amazon. All-new Amazon employees in America have to fill a 1 to 9 form that includes majorly two sections and certification of employees, as mentioned below:

1) employee information and attestation:

The employee can only fill this section, and it involves 8 steps:

• Step#1: After submitting the job application, you will get an email from the Amazon agent, which encloses a link and a special pin. Click on the link and enter the special pin that will authorize you the access section 1 of the 1-9 form mentioned above.

Ensure that the email you got has the address – and the subject line stating – Attention required, Remote hire employment eligibility verification.

• Step#2: After you click on the link, a window will open that asks for your last name and PIN code, fill in the requirements and click login.

• Step#3: After logging in, a window will pop up containing some questions. Answer them in the blank space provided and click continue.

• Step#4: Recheck all the information that you provided and click continue.

• Step#5: You need to fill whether you used a preparer or translator to fill this form. If you used then mention their expertise.

• Step# 6: In this step, you have to provide all the required documents to your agent. Afterward, you can upload a soft copy of those documents.

• Step#7: Give the hard copy of your documents to your agent for further proceeding.

• Step#8: After providing all the information, fill out the affiliate agent information in 1-9 form section 1.

2) employer review and attestation:

Affiliate agent should fill this section;

• Step# 1: The same process will be followed as mentioned in section 1. The subject line of this email will be: AMAZON.COM Assistance Requested: Remote Hire Employment Eligibility.

• Step#2: In this step, the agent will fill your surname, and his last name, and PIN code.

• Step#3: The authorized agent fills all his information that has been filled in section 1. All the essentially required information is highlighted with asterisks.

• Step#4: Authorized agents will now cross-check all your entire documents.

• Step#5: The agent will enter all the required information in this step from the documents you provided.

• Step#6: The agent will recheck the form and electronically sign it.

• Step#7: Your authorized agent will now fill out all the required information from your documents.

• Step#8: All steps are done, and a confirmation email is awaited. Employment consequences will be established on worth, and the application status can be checked on the dashboard.

How do I get employment verification | how do I verify employment through the work number?

To verify employment, you need to do all the below mentioned steps:

1. Verify the company and contact information

2. Contact the H.R. department.

3. Ask questions by phone

4. Submit a written request

5. Sample employment verification form

All new hires for Amazon from America need to fill 1-9 verification forms. You can also call on 1-800-367-5690 or email at

Verification from work number:

– Go to

– Click log in.

– Put in Amazon as an employer.

– Enter your socials, and you will gain access to your employment verification.

What are the questions that generally ask the employee for verification | Does amazon do degree verification?

Generally, the questions include;

• Which company do you work for?

• What was your title?

What are the questions that generally ask the employee for verification | Does amazon do degree verification?

• Dates of employment, e.g., What were your start( the commencement of employment) and end date?

• Are you eligible to retire?

• Did you graduate from college?

• How many years did you attend?

• What degree did you study?

• What was your GPA?

Yes, Amazon verifies degrees.

What is the amazon employment verification code, email, letter?

Amazon employment code for verification is 17410 that is needed to verify your account. It can also be done via two methods; either by email or by writing a letter.

Letter of Authorization should be written on a business letterhead containing business name and Point of Contact name. The legal representative of the business should sign the document.

How to get an employment verification letter from amazon?

H.R. will only provide you with a pure employment verification letter that means; dates of employment and title. Amazon will not provide anything related to duties. Else, you have to submit a template note to the ex-manager to tick off your attributes.

Contact information for amazon employment verification

Address: P.O. Box# 81226 Seattle, WA 98108

US Phone Number: 1-800-367-5690

Email address:


Amazon employment verification address | What to do if an employee doesn’t have a permanent address?

While filling forms 1-9, you must enter your permanent residential address or current address.

Amazon employment verification  address

If you don’t have a permanent address, you can include your current residential address along with the street name, town, state, and zip code. Also, you don’t need to change your address when moving to a new location.

What to do if your pin is not working?

If you are incapable of logging in to the 1-9 form or if your PIN is not functioning, then you make sure to check;

• Any spelling mistakes, the spellings should be the same as jotted down in the email.

• Your PIN, make sure to enter the exact PIN code as mentioned.

• Nonetheless, if you are still incapable of logging in, send a request to Amazon to resend the PIN in the email.

800 Area Code

Employment verification services explained

What do employment verification services do?

Employment verification services deal with the verifications of employment. They run a background check on the employee that includes their history and previous work experience.

That background check is an essential step and basic requirement to know what person are you exactly hiring.

The checks include; identity verification, any criminal history record, employment records, employment history, driving record checks, professional license verification, education history, etc.

Employment verification services receive requests directly from the company that asked to verify the employment of an ex or existing staff member.

Verification Services contact all relevant members of an employer’s team and the employer review website to gather the requisite information.

Once they have the necessary information to process the request. The verification services furnish the requested information instantly to the company requesting verification.

844 Area Code

Benefits of employment verification services explained

Employment verification requests are needed for several reasons, and employers may not be sure what information is required to respond adequately.

Benefits of employment verification services explained

Using an employment verification service presents several benefits over companies handling the requests themselves; the benefits are stated below:

1: Automated response to requests

The most popular model for verifying employment is the employment letter that contains the requested employee’s Job Title, Dates of Employment, employment purpose, and responsibilities.

Suppose they haven’t created such letters before. In that case, services like Truework offer automated letter generation using a few basic details provided by the employer that guarantees a proof or substitute of employment letter.

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2: Ensures the security of employees’ information

The employment verification department often requires sensitive information such as; an employee’s salary and income verifications.

Sending these details through email or other digital channels can compromise the information.

In this case, employment verification services add an extra layer of security by protecting these info exchanges with best-in-class encryption.

Many employment verification services ask for employee consent before sharing sensitive information with third parties.

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3: Speeds up response time to requests

Many requests associated with recruiting or financial transactions are time-sensitive.

Employers who handle employment verification requests on their own may struggle to make timely responses as they wait to collect the answers from different departments.

Speed up response time to requests

In comparison, employment verification services enable “one-click” responses from relevant parties via channels like email and text messages.

4: Tracks ongoing requests during processing

Employers will often have to handle several verification requests at once.

A simple dashboard provided by the verification service can help companies manage their requests and ensure that they’re taking the necessary steps to complete all of the requests on time.

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5: Ensures legal compliance

Employment verification laws vary from state to state. For example, it’s illegal to share salary information in New York and the State of California.

Third-party services usually bend their information-sharing to local rules and regulations. Thus, guarantying legal compliance complexity.

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6: Responding effectively to employment verification requests

Most employers will be asked to verify employment for current or past team members.

Responding effectively to employment verification requests

Outsourcing employment verification efforts to third-party services help employers ensure they’re responding appropriately to all requests instead of collecting all of the requisite information themselves.

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Amazon: The world’s leading e-commerce website/ online retailer was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994.

Although it started as an online bookstore, it quickly started offering streaming video, MP3 downloads, audiobook products, and many more.

Amazon is headquartered in Washington, but they are planning to expand and for that, a brand-new headquarters, HQ2, is in the pipeline.

Amazon requires additional people in the workforce for that. So, a lot of employment opportunities would be available. Any employee working for Amazon needs to verify themselves.

First, Amazon provides a barrier-free employment process. The verification can be done by various methods, including emails, letters, email addresses, employer codes, or work numbers.

There is also an E-Verify system that confirms the employment after running an employee background check with social security and the department of homeland security.

E-Verify employers electronically match the employee info stated in the document that was previously mentioned in section 1.

A company needs to verify the employee because they will better understand what kind of person they are hiring.

Also, it will be easier for the employee to apply for loan applications. Verification companies research employment history from the first day of employment till the last.

To make the process easier, various verification services or employment agencies are working online that make data verification easy by providing prompt information.

Although Amazon is mostly advised to stay away from such employment portals/ employment scams that ask for a fee for employment verification, they might risk the hiring process.

Amazon also uses a verified third-party company for employment verification to make the process easier.

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