How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Briefly Explained

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Planet fitness membership during covid
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How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership (Step-by-Step Procedure)?

Planet fitness membership

There are places throughout the United States and other countries such as Canada, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Mexico.

In 2019 the franchise expanded in Australia. Marketing as a “Free Judgment Zone” catered for beginners and regular gym users and is reportedly the fastest growing fitness center in the country.

  • Visit the person or send him a letter
  • Could you email them?
  • Via phone, you can also cancel the subscription.

Cancellation of Planet Fitness Membership

You may not cancel your membership by phone because of some cancellation policies. Planet Fitness website, or by email.

You have only two official options: to visit in person or to send a letter. Personal Cancellation Visit your home team’s desk and request a cancellation form.

If you terminate your membership before the term of the contract, you need to pay a cancellation of the planetary eligibility for early termination of membership.

Planet Fitness Purchase Fee is $ 58. Cancellation fees can be 5-6 times higher than regular payments if not contracted.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with Your Contract

Many times when people sign up for a gym membership, they are influenced by the promise of lower monthly prices.

In some cases, that lower rate is only available if you sign up for a certain period. That could be six months or a year.

Before you start the cancellation process, it is important to understand what you are signing up for.

If you appear to be committed for a long time, make a calendar announcement to remind you which day you should cancel.

When you see that reminder appear, you can move on to the next steps.

If there are compelling reasons why you can no longer fulfill your gym contract, you may be able to break it without checking additional fees.

If your job is to move to a new location and there are no Planet Fitness franchises nearby, you can come up with the right documents.

You may also be able to get a prescription if you have an injury that prevents you from using the gym. Your contractor must have specific information about what you are to offer.

Step 2: Gather the Information Needed

Many gyms offer membership cards or key pins so customers can be easily scanned outside and inside the door.

If you have one, keep it close, it may contain your membership number. You must also have your public safety number and driver’s license number available.

Step 3: Choose your Cancellation Method

Most gyms will not accept cancellations over the phone or through online channels. They require you to come in person or bring a certified letter.

Planet Fitness is one of those gymnastics. If you decide to cancel in person, you will go to your Planet Fitness area and ask to cancel your membership.

It would help if you were given a membership cancellation form to complete. Continue to fill out the form and sign it.

It would help if you took a picture of the cancellation form with your smartphone to get your records. Submit a cancellation form and ask them to email you confirmation of your canceled membership.

While personal information may be convenient in both areas, it is harmless. You need to set a certain level of confidence in the process.

If an employee discards your form or does not process it in time, you may end up paying another month or more for unnecessary membership.

Another way to cancel is to send a certified letter to your specific Planet Fitness area.

The letter must include a clear and explicit application to cancel the membership, as well as the first date of cancellation. It should also include the following information

  • Your full name
  • Your Planet Fitness membership number
  • Your birthday
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address

If you have a fixed payment, you must enter the last four digits of the credit card number associated with your membership.

Sign the cancellation letter and send it as a certified letter. Verified email can be easily tracked by the United States Postal Service, which can provide you with proof of delivery in case you need it.

The company should contact you to confirm your cancellation within a week or more.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Through a Certified Letter?

  • Cancel Planet Fitness by mail: Write a letter to cancel gym membership
  • Write a letter stating your request to cancel the membership.
  • Enter the following information: Your full name. Birthday. Email address. Address. Phone number.
  • Sign the letter.
  • Send a letter by certified mail to your gym address.

What is the Cancellation Fee for Planet Fitness | Is Planet Fitness Easy to Cancel?

Planet Fitness does not allow you to cancel your membership by phone or online.

Your membership may have already been suspended due to epidemic restrictions, and you may be able to be detained for three months for medical reasons.

“Gym membership is a fable to get.

The reason behind this is mostly gym clubs themselves do not want to allow a member to cancel their membership contract once when they have noticed the hard work and commitment involved in being fit,” said attorney David Reischer, Esq, “It is important to read the entire contract before signing.”

To Avoid the Fees, You Can Follow these Steps

  • To avoid your annual payment, you must cancel your membership one week or earlier from the date of the annual payment.
  • You cannot cancel your membership by phone or email.

Why Would You Cancel Your Gym Membership? 3 Reasons For Canceling Planet Fitness

Eligible club members can find various reasons to cancel their membership. Below are some of the reasons for canceling Planet Fitness.

Why  would you cancel your gym membership?

Save Money on Planet Fitness Annual Payments.

Monthly membership of Planet Fitness Club costs about $ 10 to $ 25, except for once-a-year startup fees.

Members of the fitness club often find themselves paying annual and monthly fees without going to the gym.

So why not get some exercise at home instead of at the community gym? You do not need to buy the big things you see in Planet Fitness.

A few sets of dumbbells, jump rope, and exercise mat will give you the same results at a much lower price.

Find the perfect pair of gym shoes or running shoes. Instead of getting on a treadmill at Planet Fitness, why not try running a block for a few minutes every day?

Save time

A great way to save time is to set up a gym in your home. That way, you do not have to waste time going to the gym.

If this happens, you do not have to move from home or office to a fitness club. This gives you the pleasure of working whenever comfortable in your home.

In addition, you can wear any casual work clothes at home without feeling uncomfortable.

Save on Fuel

Not traveling from home or work to Planet Fitness means you are not using gas. Besides saving money, not using a car avoids pollutants caused by exhaust gases and helps protect the environment.

How to Cancel a Deceased Person’s Planet Fitness Membership?

Here are the steps to cancel Planet Fitness membership on behalf of your deceased loved one.

How to Cancel a Deceased Person’s Planet Fitness Membership

Step 1: Obtain proof of death. Planet Fitness will allow you to cancel the deceased’s account.
Step 2: Send a written cancellation letter via certified mail.

Can I Get a Refund When I Cancel My Planet Fitness Gym Membership?

Planet Fitness will answer your question as soon as possible with the email address provided. You can apply for a refund of unauthorized billing by calling the Planet Fitness customer service department.

No, Planet Fitness does not refund you if you cancel your membership before the payment cycle period.

Planet Fitness Cancellation Online | Why Can’t I Cancel My Planet Fitness Membership Online?

Planet Fitness does not allow you to cancel your membership by phone or online.

Your membership may have already been suspended due to epidemic restrictions, and you may be able to be detained for three months for medical reasons.

You may not cancel your membership by phone, Planet Fitness website, or by email, and you will get the notice of cancellation. You have only two official options to visit in person or send a letter.

Personal Cancellation: Visit your home team’s desk and request a membership cancelation form or cancelation fee.
Post Cancellation: Refer it to your home club, and Planet Fitness recommends sending it via certified mail. You will need to follow up with the team to ensure that your request has been received, approved, and processed.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Via Phone Call?

You may not cancel your membership by phone, Planet Fitness website, or email. You have only two official options to visit in person or send a letter to the club locations.

Personal Cancellation: Visit your home team’s desk and request a cancellation form.
But in the case of the app, if you are using planet fitness membership agreement, you can cancel the membership. You can follow the steps given below.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap your name.
  • Tap Subscriptions.
  • Tap the subscription you want to manage. Can’t find the subscription you want?
  • Tap Cancel Subscription.

What do Planet Fitness Charges Look Like on My Bank Statement? (Make bullets)

The annual fee or monthly contracts will be charged you $39 for about eight months when you join the gym or club.
There would be contract terms and conditions subscribed to your statement accordingly to the billing cycle.

What do planet fitness charges look like on my bank statement?

How to Stop/ Pause or Cancel a Planet Fitness Account Online?

There are two ways to establish a gym membership customers can visit the club in person or cancel membership through a certified letter.

In some cases, the eligibility club may take longer to approve your cancellation request. To cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you must give the first 30-day cancellation notice.

Most eligible clubs allow their users to suspend their membership temporarily. Therefore, if you are out of town or have a medical emergency, you can terminate your membership instead of canceling it.

A great fitness club will allow you to hold on to your membership for up to 3 months in case of a health emergency. However, rules and time may vary depending on the club.

Therefore, you should visit your Fitness Club and speak with a representative about setting up your membership.

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Planet Fitness Monthly Fees

The annual fee will be charged you $39 for about eight months when you join the gym or club.

Black Card Membership in Planet Fitness

Members of the Planet Fitness Black Card enjoy benefits such as half-drunk soft drinks. If your goal is to stay healthy and active, you owe it to yourself to make your time in the gym more enjoyable.

The planet fitness Card cost will be $22.99 per month, and you are going to great experience if you experience black card membership in planet fitness.

Black Card Membership in Planet Fitness

What is Annual Membership Renewal?

Membership expires on the expiry date specified in the membership record. Membership expires during the period between expiration and termination.

A high level of renewal shows that members are more likely to stay over time as you work to achieve your goals and achieve success together.

While some organizations may have lower retention rates due to migration or budget cuts, the most appropriate retention rate is 75 percent or more.

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Can You Freeze Planet Fitness Membership | Can I Cancel a Planet Fitness Free Trial?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel Planet Fitness membership by phone or email.

There are two ways to establish a gym membership; customers can visit the club in person or cancel membership through a certified letter.

In some cases, the eligibility club may take longer to approve your cancellation request at the corporate office.

You will get the notice of cancellation of your membership via the post office, which would be proof of cancellation.

How to Respond to Hey?

How to Upgrade or Downgrade Your Planet Fitness Membership?

Improving your membership has never been faster or easier or, stand next to the club, and our front desk staff can do it for you.

The average cost of upgraded membership to Planet Fitness or club-to-club membership is $ 21.99 per month and $ 12 for registration.

Black Card Membership costs twice the Standard membership but has additional benefits and gives you access to additional services.

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Planet Fitness Membership During Covid

Planet Fitness said all accounts were suspended while gymnasiums were closed during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This means that members will not be charged when their gyms are closed.

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You can call the relevant department to request a meeting to cancel your membership.

  • Try meeting with a Planet Fitness representative. Tell them you want to cancel your membership and provide them with written documents when the cancellation is complete. Have a copy of the representative’s signature letter. It will be useful in the future if they may ask you to pay the fine.
  • Make plans to cancel next month’s payments. Subtract any cancellation costs to ensure your membership is fully canceled.
  • Write down the name and number of the representative; this is especially important if you run into trouble after canceling, such as if you are suddenly charged a large amount, you can reach out to a representative for help.
  • Check your bank statement to make sure you are not charged a monthly membership fee even after canceling your membership. If you find you are being charged, contact the appropriate planetarium immediately and fix this issue as soon as possible.
  • If the gym still asks you to pay, give the cancellation document to prove that you have canceled the membership.
  • These are just a few things you can do to cancel your planet membership. It is very important to read the terms and conditions when you sign up for something like this in the future, as you may be charged large amounts if you fail to meet the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract.

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