How to Respond to Hey? Different Ways to Respond ‘Hey’

He is a word which we use to address someone.

  • Respond appropriately.
  • The perfect response towards hey is to say “hey” back.
  • If someone says to you, hey, it means that person knows you very well. So, we can respond to hey is to saying hey back.
  • Respond with greetings, for example, good morning, goodnight, the good afternoon etc.
How to  respond to hey?

What to Say Instead of “Hey”?

We can use much slang instead of, hey to continue the conversation. Throwing light on other sentences at the substitution of hey:

  • We can use the word Good Day. Good Day is a formal way to start a conversation with someone, but it is important to say these words before sunset.
  • Where were you all these days?
  • How’s going your job?
  • How has been life treating you?
  • It’s been a long time to talk to you.
  • Ask imprecise questions.
  • Start a conversation by calling the name. It shows personalization.

How to stop, Hey?

To start a conversation with hey is not the right way. There are many ways to stop saying hey:

  • We can stop saying hey by avoiding responding to that word.
  • We just nod and just send the emojis.
  • We should use other sentences to address someone instead of replying to the word, hey to hey.
  • Trying to pretend that someone is calling you and answering the call.
  • Avoid eye contact and behave like you do not want to make a conversation with that person.
  • Turn around and start walking in the opposite direction.

How to Respond to Hey If You Want the Conversation to Continue?

Different respond to “hey” in a different condition. For example, when we want the conversation to continue, we respond differently. Here below, we discuss this type of condition.

How to Respond to Hey If You Want the Conversation to Continue?
  • Firstly, we could reply warmly to that person to continue the conversation.
  • We could reply to hey that person with hey, how are you? It shows that you are interested in talking to that person.
  • We can ask questions back to back to linger on the talk.
  • Talk to that person in a more friendly way.
  • We can use different slang to continue the conversation: How is your day going? What’s up? What took you so long? I missed you etc.
  • We can start the conversation with greetings: Good morning, Goodnight or Good noon, it shows that you are feeling happy to communicate with that person.
  • To address with the name to that person, it will make that person feel we are personalizing the texts.

How to Respond to Hey If You Want the Conversation to End?

Here, we talk about ending the conversation, whether on texting or face to face conversation. There are many ways to end the conversation below:

How to end the casual conversation

  • We wind up talking with plans.
  • Make laughs or give a reply to something randomly.
  • Saying Thank you is an ending slang. It shows that the communication is going to end.
  • We can also say bye to ending the conversation.

How to end the conversation on texting

  • We can find out ourselves from that conversation or invite to join the other ones.
  • We can ignore the text or give boring responses.
  • For ending the talk, endow with a rationale.
  • We can use different slang, for example, I am busy somewhere, can I talk to you later? I will talk to you after getting home etc.
  • We can also use reactions to avoid texting.
  • Give a hint that you have to go and cut the conversation.
  • Never reply instantly to every text.

How to End the Conversation in an Emergency

  • Pointing towards the door to show that you are in a hurry.
  • Check your watch.
  • Excuse yourself.
  • Please give them a handshake.
  • Start talking to a friend and out yourself from the conversation.
  • Make a fake phone call.
How to end  the conversation in an  emergency?

How to Respond to Hey Text Message If You Don’t Want to Talk Anymore?

There are many ways to express that type of situation that you are not interested in talking to that person. Here below, slangs are going to explain:

How do You Tell Someone You Do Not Want to Talk About Texting?

  • I am sorry, but I am busy a lot. Can we talk to you later?
  • Showing your disinterest to talk to that person.
  • Even we can excuse that if we cannot reply to you, please, do not mind.
  • Late responses also hint to the sender that the person does not want to engage you at this time.

How do You Tell That You Do Not Want to Talk About Something?

Expression to Handle Uncomfortable Circumstances
  • That topic is very difficult to discuss at this time.
  • Making an excuse that it is private.
  • I have no words to say about this.
  • Trying to change the topic.
  • And the funny response can also handle this type of situation.

How do You Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Talk on a Phone Call?

  • Simply, we can tell that we do not want to make that person call us.
  • We can make boundaries by saying this; please don’t call me every Day. or give him a conversation deadline.
  • We can avoid answering the phone call.
  • Or we can send an excusing text for not attending the phone call.
How do you tell someone you don't want to talk on a phone?

How to Respond to ‘Hey’ From a Girl in a Text or Dating App?

Nowadays, online dating apps are common, and our new generation spends a lot of time on that apps. Here, we discuss how to respond to dating app:

  • In the initial message, be yourself and think about how your messages will be received.
  • Shows your interest.
  • Ask about where she is from.
  • Talk about hobbies.
  • Talk about your favourite thing, for example, movies, books etc.
  • Discuss favourite music.
  • Obtain big points for making wittiness.
  • Ask an open-ended question, no, to stick with the answer yes or no.
  • Use emojis.
  • Use funny slang or fun question to be familiar to that girl.
  • Keep your texts concise.
  • Learn to take a hint.
  • Keep calm, do not show any hurry.

Is “Hey You” Flirty & How to Reply to a “Hey You” Text From a Guy?

“Hey you” is flirty or not; it depends on the situation and even the guy who is texting you. Would his conversation show that is he doing flirt or not? Here, we discuss how to reply to a “hey you” text from a guy?

Is “Hey You” Flirty & How to Reply to a “Hey You” Text From a Guy
  • Keep things simple, and reply hey back to hey.
  • It’s conditional; if you are interested in that guy, reply friendly.
  • Respond with emojis.
  • Funnily talk to him.
  • Say something sweet or cute. For example, I was just thinking about you.
  • Not to behave like you have a crush on him.
  • It would help if you also preceded conversation playfully.
  • Say something flirty, Hey handsome!

Why is It So Hard to Tell If “Hey You” is Flirty?

He is okay, but “HEY YOU” shows some problems. “Hey, you” is a more subtle way of addressing someone. It can be considered a flirt. It also depends on the situation.

We cannot make an exact opinion about “HEY YOU” is flirty or not.

How does ‘Hey Siri’ Works With Multiple Devices?

  • Siri stands for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface. Siri is the voice assistant on Apple devices. When we say “Hey Siri” near multiple devices, it wires “hey Siri” the multiple devices use Bluetooth to communicate with each other immediately and explain who accepted that request.
  • In 2018, 500 million devices used Siiri voice helper.
  • Siri recognizes even six multiple voices at a time.
  • We can ask Siri any question.
  • iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod and Mac, Siri can be used on these devices.
  • It is a very easy way to access Siri even iPhone or iPad is not nearby.
  • On Apple Watch, we can say “Hey Siri” to activate Siri.
  • On AirPods, a double-tap activates Siri.
  • On HomePod, say “Hey Siri” or press the top of HomePod to activate Siri.

Siri’s Functions

  • Siri can make calls, read and send texts.
  • Set alarms, reminders and timers.
  • Play music and identify the artist and even provide song info.
  • Make translation and conversation and solve math equations.
  • Send money via Apple Pay.
  • Control settings, open the camera and take a photo.
  • Active Siri Shortcuts.
  • Create and search notes.

Is It Polite to Greet a Person With “Hey”?

No, it is not polite to greet a person with “Hey”. Avoid greeting with Hey. There are below many reasons for replacing “Hey” with a suitable word:

  • It is not a professional way to greet with Hey.
  • To address your friend or family member with Hey is okay to some extent, but we cannot use this word in an informal situation.
  • Tenesha Wood, says,

“He is impersonal and shows little interest in the individual”.

  • It is a very impolite way to greet someone, showing your level of manners.
  • Say Hey is not a proper greeting, but if we use slang with it. It works. For example, Hey! What’s up? Or Hey! Nice to meet you etc.

Why are They Sending Those Heys?

Hey is an informal way. These Heys usually we see when we open any app. It is a greeting to their users. Here, we discuss different apps in which we receive heys even we use hey word for connecting the devices:

Why are they sending those heys?
Hey Celia
  • “Celia is a virtual speech recognition app built for Huawei devices to work as a virtual mobile assistant.”
  • Say “hey Celia” and press the power button for one second; Celia will be ready to help you. If we want to activate any device, we have to say Hey.
Hey, Email Review
  • Hey, it is a fresh take on email. It seems very suitable for email users. Hey, makes us re-think the email, which requires some effort and time.
  • Hey, is an email donor. It is not an app to check out your email addresses and yahoo etc.
  • Hey is used to send, receive or organize email.
  • Hey Google:
  • If we are near to Google Home device, only this device responds to “Hey Google”. Both devices may be active, but our cell phones again go to sleep. But if the connection would not be connected, it means our device is trying to connect to the wrong device.
  • These heys are becoming an important part of any device or app.
  • It sends you the celebration message or common messages about your account on Google.

What Should I Reply, Hey?

  • Reply promptly.
  • Respond with greetings, Good morning or good Afternoon etc.
  • You can also say hello, howdy hi etc.
  • Your response throws light on your concerns. So, reply carefully.
  • You can use slang to show your concern, “what took so long! I missed you.”
  • And if you do not want to continue the conversation, reply in a good manner and make an excuse to stop the chat.
  • Your response gives an opinion about your personality.

How to Respond to Hey Love?

In this part, we discuss how you can respond to hey love. Love means your favourite personality. So, it should be different from other heys. Here below, some hints for responding to love:

  • You should not say simple hey back to hey because it will not leave a good impression on your love. You can say, Hey handsome! or Hey pretty! Hey! What a pleasant surprise!
  • You can also express your concern to them by saying this, and I missed you soo much! , I wish I could see you!
  • You can also be subjective to admire any quality of your love. For example, I love your voice! I love your way of talking! Or I love your looks! I cannot stop thinking about Your beautiful eyes etc.
  • You can also enlighten your relationship with that person by saying this, and You are my best friend! Or You are the love of my life!
  • You can also make him feel that he gives full support to you.
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A Couple of More Ways of Answering a Hey Message?

Nowadays, many apps are available for chatting. Through which we can talk or have fun even we can advertise our business. For example, fuel, Instagram, Facebook, bubble, Snapchat etc.

A couple of more ways of answering a hey message
  • On any app, we should say hey back to hey.
  • To continue the chat, we can address with greetings.
  • Usually, on these apps, for answering the chat, people send smiles or stickers.
  • Not behave like so formal and also informal. Stay in a middle situation. It means respond normally.
  • Your response not only depends on your liking but also depends on your timing. If you do not have time and your favourite person texts you. You have to tell him bye in a good manner.
  • Keep things simple and give that person a reply that Hey! How’s it going? What’s happening?
  • Not be too personal at the start. We have to take a step back for analyzing the situation.
  • Your response should be witty and sarcastic.
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He is not a bad starting of communication, but Hey could not be used in a formal gathering or any official meetings. It is an informal way to start the conversation, and it could be taken funnily.

It is based on the situation, and if there is a family gathering, we can use the word hey for getting attention or addressing the people.

We should be very careful in selecting words because it affects our personalities and expresses our concerns.

So, our relationship with the sender of the message will largely decide how to respond. According to manners, we should respond properly whether we are interested or not in that person.

It leaves a good impression on people. Otherwise, it will leave a wrong impression on the sender.

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