How to Respond To LOL? Different Meanings of LOL

An internet slang meaning “Laughing Out Loud’. It was first listed by Oxford English Dictionary in March 2011A widespread acronym used worldwide in computer-mediated systems.

Its literal meaning is to laugh audibly and express amusement. It is used in the bodily expression of gestures, especially laughter in internet language, that shows your emotional response.

Like others, this initialism is also used to explain the more emphatic expression of laughter. This popular element was first used by Usenet (A Worldwide distributed discussion system).

The laughter is also represented by many other synonyms like LMAO ( Laughing my ass off), ROTFL( Rolling on the floor laughing)

Peter Hershock in 2003 said that this list of acronyms is grown by mouth.

These are collected along with smileys and emoticons ( an emotion icon- a pictorial representation of facial expressions and mood reactions with the help of punctuation marks, symbols, and numbers) in folk dictionaries.

LOL and other acronyms like this have crossed from computer-mediated communication to face-to-face communication.

The initial message of LOL was for a “little old lady” in the 1960’s. In “lots of Laughter,” was by Wayne Pearson in the 1980s.

How to Response to “LOL”?

In the context of laughter, we commonly use this slang in our daily conversations. The nature of LOL varies from situation to situation. o

It has different meanings, respectively, i.e., it is used in happiness or amusement sense or on a funny joke or an ignore or insult to others.

  • In order to respond to a message with LOL, first, you need to understand the context. This means you should be aware of the current and previous chat. The main thing to keep in check in this regard is that if a person makes frequent use of this slang in their conversation, it’s normal, and you need not respond, but if used occasionally by the sender, you need to think about it. Now it comes to how to respond, in case the previous chat is fun and chill. On a lighter note, it will make your sender understand you are in a funny mood. Or else you can reply by “hahaha.”
  • Those tired of constant typing have an option of replying by emoji in response which has now become a custom on internet communication, i.e., normal typing pattern.
  • It can sometimes be a clue another person is expecting you to understand the situation that he does not want to talk it over more so end the conversation.
  • If the situation gets intense, it’s better to end the conversation.
  • Not a polite way, but sometimes it’s only the way out to ignore.

How to Respond to LOL in a Text? (make subheadings)

This internet slang is frequently now used in CMC. Used in the context of laughter carries various meanings behind it.

Either happiness or either insult if the next person. Used in laughter may sometimes also embrace that the next person is no longer interested in talking to you.

Let us find ways to use this common acronym in your chats. The ways of response are listed below;

  1. Write back, LOL
    The first option is to reply in LOL to a message with LOL. It has now become a user-friendly term. If the chat history is funny, You can reply in LOL. It won’t offend the sender. An alternate way is to reply by “hahaha.” This will make your sender believe that you share his vibe of happiness or amusement. It will show your interest in chatting as well.
  2. Send an Emoji
    Sending an emoji in response has now very common. People use emoticons, which are emotions in the form of symbols in chat frequently. For those fed up with typing serves as a better option. It has now become an irreplaceable feature of conversation through the internet. It is not at all considered an inadequate response. The adorable designs of those little emojis make your chats more appealing.
  3. Change the Subject
    If you notice the situation gets warm or, both parties are getting hyper. It would help if you either changed the topic. One clue can be that the next person took a long time to reply to LOL. So basically, they don’t speak themselves but want you to understand that switching over the topic is the best solution in this case. Simply say, let’s talk about something else.
  4. End the Conversation
    Ending a conversation is another solution to respond if you notice anything strange. Just turn lower your tone to maintain peace. It would help if you ended talking about that topic or ended up chatting for that period by saying thanks for your time. I will get back to you sooner or later.
  5. Ignore
    Though it does not sound generous, in some situations, you are only left with this solution. You need not reply or react. Just quit. The only possible way to get rid of when you think the discussion is going nowhere!

How to Respond to LOL from a Guy?

The kind of response you make on a message LOL, depends on whom the message is being sent. The meaning and context of the message vary of received by a girl rather than a guy.

How to Respond to LOL from a Guy?

So it would help if you were very particular about that. As we have already discussed that there are multiple ways to respond to LOL, but what matters now is the source from where it is coming.

You need to understand whether it is used in literal terms of laughing aloud or not and respond accordingly.

A message from a guy written,” It was a wonderful day today, lol,” which means the day sucked.

But when received from anyone else or a girl will have a different meaning. The best way to reply is to change the conversation topic or move forward with a funny question or story. Or else move to things offline.

How to Reply to LOL From a Girl?

Mostly a girl replying LOL is in a funny sense. Now you have to think about how you have to respond.

First, see and analyze in which context the girl is using that, like in response to your joke, so it’s fine, or else you need to understand why she is using so if she sends that and it’s her style, so it’s okay with it.

But if she sends it casually means she is not interested in your talk. Now it is on you how you are going to handle it. Ask whether everything is okay.

Secondly, change the topic of conversation. Context matters a lot when making a reply to LOL.

What does it Mean When a girl responds with “Lol” or “HAha.”

Both LOL and HAHAHA have similar meanings to express feelings of laughter or happiness. When a girl replies to you with either of them, what matters is the context of a conversation.

It may happen due to the following reasons mentioned;

1. She Doesn’t Know What to Say Next

Sometimes the situation is such that a girl does not know how to react. She is confused either or in a fix. This confusion makes her answer in a LOL only.

She Doesn't Know What to Say Next

You may understand from her typing style what she means. Because every time she uses LOL is not surely for amusement purposes.

When she is not getting to point what next she should say, she will probably reply in a LOL.

2. She’s Bored By the Conversation

It’s quite simple and a natural thing. When a girl or anyone gets bored and loses interest in the conversation, she uses LOL.

Boring chats might tend her to quit at once or simply shut down her chat window. Lol in series symbolizes that she does not want to continue further the same topic.

3.She Doesn’t Have Time to Chat

It may happen sometime when the next person is running short of time, and she is reluctant to say. Her typing style will make you understand this as well.

4.She’s Not Interested

If a girl is no more interested in what you are talking about, it is most likely she will be sending you LOL’s or hahaha. To go over that particular thing in which she has zero interest.

She's Not Interested

You have been trying multiple ways to seek her attention, but she replied with single words! Means she has decided to move on. It s over for her.

Why do People Say LOL?

Some people say they call upon this phrase or acronym in aggressiveness, while others claim to use it in amusement or others as sarcasm.

In electronic communications, it is a slang term meaning lots of laughter, laughter that make you cry out, laughing like hell.

Today when it is used by people, they hardly mean to laugh out loud. Most likely, it is used to symbolize a smile or slight amusement.

So it is a symbol that is translated or interpreted to facial expressions. Lol, used creates a contradictory situation which means not all times laughing out loud.

Instead of writing the whole phrase, people write these three letters or LOL acronyms. It is sufficient to explain its meanings.

It is utilized in instant messaging, texting, and other CMC (computer-mediated communications) to indicate that something is humorous.

What Does Context Matter When Responding to LOL?

To decide to reply to LOL depends mainly on context. Sometimes it has a different meaning referring to context. Some show emotions of amusement or some callousness or sarcasm.

The two main factors that account for its interpretation are

  1. Consider whom you are talking with
  2. See the context of the conversation

See the typing style A to Z. You will be able to predict from where this LOL came from and what is its meanings. Like, “The day sucks, lol.” So, you can clearly understand concerning the context of the sentence.

How to Use LOL Correctly in a Text?

The phrase LOL has completely different and distinct meanings depending upon the personality of the interlocutor as well as the previous chat scenario.

How to Use LOL Correctly in a Text?

You need first to decide what meaning you give to this phrase in your conversation to use it correctly;

  • You can simply write LOL to a funny joke that makes to laugh aloud.
  • It can be used with irony as well. Just check out with whom your conversation is going on.
  • To show your positive or funny mood, You can use this acronym “LOL” to the person you are texting to make him believe that you are happy about what he shared with you.
  • Just what you need to be sure about is that the other person may not misunderstand your context of using LOL. Otherwise, it is okay to use it as a sign of amusement.

Generally, it can be used in frequent chats with friends and family for whom it is easier to understand its context and meaning.

Otherwise, if you are in conversation with an unknown person or a less familiar guy, you need to be much vigilant about it that when to use this and when to not.

To avoid misunderstanding, use it with the literal and initial meaning” lots of laughter.”
Two things which must need to be looked upon are;

Consider Who You are Talking to

The way you use this phrase with your close friend is different while using it with a person you have recently met. Keeping in mind to whom you are writing is very important.

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Look Back at Your Previous Conversations

The main game is the context of your conversation, which predicts its meaning very clearly.

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How is This Phrase Written?

How this phrase is written and understood is also an art. It is a common slang used over the internet discourse with upper case letters; LOL.

How is This Phrase Written?

When written in lower case, it has a different meaning and does not mean lots of laughter. It is used to express happiness, or the familiar people may also relate it to sarcasm.

It has become a popular alternative used for amusement and sarcasm. LOL – is a verb that is conjugated in an appropriate tense. But its initial meaning remains the same.

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What does it Mean When a Girl Replies LOL?

There are different meanings of LOL when you get that from a girl. Sometimes it becomes complicated to understand. It is used in different ways;

  1. when LOL means flirting
  2. when she needs praise or compliments
  3. when she says confront me
  4. when she is annoyed
  5. when she is kidding
  6. when she minded

What does LOL mean in love | Is it rude to say LOL

LOL, that stands for lots of laughter also means Lots of love. It can also be used as a love abbreviation.

What does LOL mean in love | Is it rude to say LOL

This online slang is now widely used by the audience. When we talk about casual conversations, it is okay to use to, lol.

But when it comes to formal conversations, using Lol dos not sound that okay. It is an exclamation representing strong emotions of sarcasm, amusement, and happiness.

So it may sound not nice in formal settings but not in casual communications.

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A very prominent online slang term LOL continues to gain attention over time and is rapidly used in communications. LOL- with literal meaning” Lots of Laughter.”

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