How to use Affirm at Walmart? Benefits & Payment Method

 Affirm is an online money service that provides easy and inexpensive monthly installments. It is a financial technology company.

Contrary to Layaway, you can purchase instantly and pay for purchases over time at a pace chosen by you ranging from 3 to 24 months.

How to use affirm walmart?

During checkout at, you can select Affirm as a payment method, and you can apply for a debenture to pay for your items.

How to use affirm at Walmart in 2022?

 Affirm can be used at Walmart as a financial product by applying for an Affirm personal loan in 2022.

Once the loan is accepted and loaded to your virtual card, you can pay for permitted products in-store or online at Walmart or Affirm app.

Affirm also brings forth payment plans between 3 and 24 months with dividend rates between 0-30% APR.

How does Affirm Work?

Every post-payment process after buying is different, though the basic proposition is the same. During checkout time, under payment options, you are presented to divide your payments for whatever you are purchasing. 

You apply and are (usually) authorized in seconds for what is essentially a short-term loan.

You make a small down payment and then consent to pay off the rest in installments over a month or more.

 The merchant here is not offering you this credit, but a third-party lender permits on its website (and pays a service charge). Affirm is one of these third-party service suppliers. Walmart Supercenter is one of the partner retailers with Affirm.

How to use Affirm on

Affirm a service is a form of payment that can be applied online for Walmart store purchases at

Select your desired payment option at checkout.

How to use affirm on

Make payments online with Affirm by scanning your single-use barcode at the register.

Benefits of Affirming at Walmart

  • Affirm is a very convenient service for people who do not want to pay for their purchases on the spot.
  • Affirm is a very user-friendly system that can be used without any trouble.
  • There are no unnecessary and secret charges which are its most significant plus point.
  • Prove can be used both online and in-store by creating your account.

Does Walmart Accept Affirm In-Store? 

Yes, Walmart allows its customers to use Affirm as a payment method while shopping in-store.

In addition, with Affirm, payment can be given in installments for purchases made at Walmart stores.

How can I Use Affirm In-Store at Walmart?

To avail Affirm for in-store purchases at Walmart, you can apply for a loan through or Walmart and decide your desired payment choice.

Once your payment method is approved, you can scan the single-use barcode provided at the register and confirm your post-payment online with Affirm.

What is a Walmart Affirm Virtual Card?

Once your Affirm loan is authorized through the application or on, a Walmart Affirm virtual card is loaded with your desired loan amount.

The Affirm virtual card is for single use only and can make money transactions for online and in-store purchases at Walmart.

What is a Walmart affirm virtual card?

A preeminent point of notice is that the virtual card is for a limited time. It expires within 24 hours after its issuance and can be called off at any time before its expiry.

In any of the cases mentioned above, you would not owe Affirm anything if you don’t utilize any amount from the Walmart virtual card.

Furthermore, any unused amount in the virtual card will not be part of the repayment plan after its purchase.

How do You use Affirm Virtual Cards at Walmart?

Once your Affirm virtual card is filled with your credit, it can be used as a payment option at Walmart by choosing the credit card option and then selecting “Affirm.”

Affirm applications can also be used for accessing virtual cards.

The online Affirm account or the confirmation message sent to you after your virtual card request is approved can be used.

The Affirm Virtual Card could be used to complete online payments at through the following steps:

  • Go to the section “checkout.”
  • Choose “Credit Card” as the payment method.
  • Insert the 16 digits virtual card number.
  • Write your billing address.
  • The checkout is completed!

Can You use Affirm to Buy Groceries at Walmart?

Groceries do not come under the umbrella of eligible purchases of Affirm. Consumers use Affirm as a payment plan for items ranging from $150-$2000.

In contrast, some items such as firearms, groceries, firearms, alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy, and personal care items are ineligible for Affirm.

What Fees and Interest Rates Does Affirm at Walmart Charge?

Depending on the reimbursement of your purchases, Affirm at Walmart will have up to 30% APR.

A great benefit of Affirm at Walmart is that the exact term and the interest amount are exposed beforehand.

There is no extra fee or other hidden charges such as annual charges, late fees, prepayment price, or service fees.

What Items Can I Finance With Affirm at Walmart?

  • Alcohol.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Health and wellness.
  • Tobacco.
  • Groceries and food.
  • Baby consumables.
  • Wireless services plan.
  • Gasoline.
  • Pet supplies.

Can I Use Affirm for Both in-Store and Online Orders?

To use Affirm payment service at other merchants, you can apply for credit at or in the Affirm application, and you’ll be provided a virtual card that could be used at most of your favorite stores, both online and in physical stores.

Can I Use Affirm for Both in-Store and Online Orders?

It’s working is like a credit card. You have to insert your virtual card number in place of your credit card number.

Is using Affirm at Walmart Reliable and Safe?

Affirm is not a very well-protected instrument for money transactions. In addition to that, you will have to pay interest ranging from 10%-30% on the products.

Affirm is advancing with the technology changes. It is working on providing a safer environment and encountering its competitor payment methods like credit card companies.

It is not the safest mode of payment, but it can always be given a chance.

The bright side of Affirm is that it does not have any hidden prepayment fees or extra service charges.

Many people are using Affirm at Walmart, so it must have the potential to be used as an alternative payment method.

Should You be using Affirm for Making Payments?

It is one of the excellent financing options when one does not want to pay at the instant of his purchase. It gives a privilege to anyone buying an expensive item from Walmart.

For products costing between $144-$799.99, the payment can be given in monthly payments of 3,6, or 12 months. There are specific terms and conditions applied in that case.

According to your desire, the products ranging from $800 and up to $2000 can be financed for 12, 18, or 24 months. The terms and conditions should be read carefully.

It would help if you indeed gave Affirm at Walmart a try to get all these benefits.

Can you Finance all Types of Products using Affirm at Walmart?

No, all types of items are not eligible for Affirm at Walmart. There is a detailed list of products that Walmart gives. The items from that list can be financed at Walmart.

Some of the information is given below.

The eligible products for financing by Affirm are electronics, furniture, and other items for the home, jewelry, video games, etc. Some of the products not included in Affirm are pet supplies, alcohol, tobacco, gasoline, etc.

For more information about the products financed by Walmart, visit- “ Monthly Payments –”

You have to use another payment method if you select items that are ineligible for Affirm Walmart-Owned Brands, like debit/credit cards, cash, or whatever available form you prefer.

Can I have Multiple Affirm Loans at Once?

Yes, multiple loans can be applied simultaneously, but it is not guaranteed that all of them will be approved. $17,500 is the maximum value of a loan that can be taken out at a time.

Can I have Multiple affirm loans at once?

Will Affirm Affect my Credit Score?

· Credit score is a measure of a person’s credit files. Banks use this number to decide whether a person is eligible for a loan or not. Affirm will carry a soft credit check. So it will not affect your credit score by any means. But it will delineate payment details to the credit bureau.

Will Affirm consider Walmart products that have 0% APR?

Yes, it is possible to buy products having 0% APR, meaning no interest on monthly installments. The minimum interest can be negligible or zero, and 1/3 of the Affirm credits are as low as 0%. This amount is fixed, and nothing additional fee will be charged.

What do I need to Qualify for Affirm at Walmart?

The essential requirement for creating an Affirm account is that your age must be 18 or above.

If you are a resident of Alabama, then you have to be at least 19 years old.

To be considered for a loan in Affirm, your credit score should not be less than 550.

All the provided information should be correct and updated.

§ You should have some money because sometimes you need to provide initial payment before getting the loan authorized.

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Is Affirm financing the same as Layaway?

No, it is slightly different from Layaway. In that program, you must pay an initial deposit which the company holds for an agreed period

Is affirm financing the same as layaway?

Affirm is a more convenient and beneficial program and is adopted by many people.

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Affirm is an excellent service. Some people think it is not reliable to keep their payment history safe.

It might not be as unique as credit card payments, but the team is putting significant effort into reinventing consumer credit by improving its services and management system. So, it is worth a try.

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