Is Wendy Williams Transgender?

•   An American broadcaster, a renowned media personality, a big businesswoman, television host, a famous writer, and actress known for her no-nonsense attitude and brash on-air personality, William transgender was born July 18, 1964.

Is Wendy Williams Transgender?

• Before her appearance as a successful television hostess, she was a host and DJ on the radio station WRBB at a college. She interviewed LL Cool J as the first celebrity interviewee She became well known in New York as a shock jockette. She continued to work as a radio star and got the honor of earning the Billboard Radio Award and R&B Major Market Radio Air Personality of the Year.

•  She has hosted the nationally syndicated television talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” since 2008 as a well-celebrated television personality.

• On her 50th birthday, the street she grew up in was renamed after her name by the council of Asbury Park, New Jersey, as Wendy Williams Way. Among her other achievements is being a writer of many books, her appearance in several films and shows, appearing in comedy shows, plus her product lines, including a fashion line, a jewelry collection, and a wig line.

William gained prominence by providing her listeners candid suggestions and sharing the details of her life dramas through her powerful personality.

She has always been a stronger woman and is well known for rappers and pop stars. Artists like Sean Combs and Whitney Houston were gay, though her comments always fetched her to trouble.

She, all the way despite all hardships, managed to find work and gained more and more listeners due to her bash and radical behavior.

Television executives also offered her a trial run of her syndicated talk show after noticing her growing demographics.

The show became a great victory with an amazing audience. Impressed by such a wide demographic, Fox and BET wasted no time broadcasting The Wendy Williams Show.

For the next 14 years, Williams reigned supreme as one of the era’s most successful daytime talk show hosts.

 Is Wendy Williams a Transgender?

This question has always been a subject of media conversation. Wendy Williams has never been reluctant to talk about her personal life, frequently discussing her relationships and marriages that failed to succeed.

She talks about her love again at her sons’ birthday party. Questions regarding her gender have always been arising; some say that she is transgender, while others believe that she was born as a man.

When she was in high school, she was always dominantly involved in extracurricular activities; she was a girl’s scout and part of the school’s swimming team.

She was often considered a man with a loud voice and sharp facial gestures.

She broke her silence over this matter when she was asked to express her opinion on   Laverne Cox as the first transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy Award.

In her view, her height, long face, and the kind of wigs she usually wears are some reasons she is considered transgender.

However, Wendy Williams specified that she is a woman while noting that there is no insult worse than telling a woman she looks like a man.

Her words at that time are noteworthy;

  “There’s no worse way to insult a woman than by saying she looks like a man, but once a woman gets over that, there is no stronger woman.

It rolls off her back when you say it. There’s nothing you can call me at this particular point. I’ve been dealing with this for decades.

That is absolutely not [true] I get it. I’ve got a strong face, a strong body, I’m 5’11. I wear wigs. I get it. Do I get upset with it? No.”

 So, no claims prove her being transgender or a man as she now pays no attention to it.

Why are People saying that Wendy Williams is transgender?

No evidence proves Wendy Williams, a transgender person. Her stronger physique cannot make her comparison to transgender.

Why  are people saying that wendy williams is transgender?

A transgender woman has been assigned a male gender at her birth. She denies all the transgender claims about her being a transgender woman.

At the same time, talking to ABC News, where she stood up against the rumors. She clarifies to all that she was not born transgender in a news interview many times.

She also claimed that she didn’t grow up the popular girl or the popular cheerleader.

Rather than the questioned topic in a TV show about her remarks on ‘Transgender Orange Is the New Black star Laverne,’ Wendy preferred to talk about the current rumors about her own Trans life. 

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Despite all the criticism Wendy Williams had to face for being born as a male due to her bodily appearance, she became successful and a strong woman.

She broke all the rumors and answered all the queries by telling people that she was born a proper and complete woman with no exception. She is not a trans woman.

A stressed and disheartened woman lives behind that powerful lady who never let the people know about these sufferings.

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