KFC Complaints UK (How to Make One, Common Types of Complaints + Contact Information)

KFC Complaints UK

KFC is an international corporation with locations in various countries. Thus it needs a complaint management system that works for multiple customers. So, if you’re interested in learning more about how this complaint management system works and how to file a complaint under it, keep reading!

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KFC has a variety of mechanisms for receiving and processing complaints from its consumers in each of its operating regions. In 2022, these can be made in the usual ways: in person, by phone, or through internet channels. The corporation has trained its employees to solve issues on a local level. However, customer services and ratings show that KFC’s complaint way of response is unsatisfactory.

How Does KFC UK Receive and Handle Complaints In 2022?

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most popular fast foods in the United Kingdom. It often attracts many customers who put extra strain on the franchise because they all have high expectations. If you’re a KFC UK client, keep reading to learn how to file a complaint with the restaurant if you receive substandard products or services. Customers can use various communication methods to submit complaints with KFC UK in 2022. Customers can complain in person or over the phone, on the company’s website, or on social media if they are dissatisfied.

How Do I Complain to KFC UK?

You can complain with KFC UK by visiting the contact page at kfc.co.uk. Call 0844-409-6467 to file a complaint:

  • On Facebook, look for the UK.chicken store. 
  • You can search for KFC-UK on Instagram. 
  • KFC-Twitter UKI’s handle is @KFC-UKI.

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Suppose you have a complaint about their food or a retail experience. The website has some vital information that can help in the complaint method. If the employee does not agree or is unwilling to help you resolve your concern, you can request to speak with the franchise manager and report your complaint.

What Are Common Complaints Made Against KFC UK?

The following are the most common forms of consumer complaints against KFC UK:

  • Food poisoning: KFC UK has faced criticism due to food poisoning incidents.

In restaurants, slow service has regularly resulted in long lines.

  • Restaurants with poor hygiene: Customers have complained about the restaurant’s unclean surfaces.
  • Incorrect orders: At KFC UK, mixed-up orders are becoming more common.
  • Food of poor quality: If there are poor quality food services, customers can tell that some items do not satisfy KFC standards.

How Do I Contact KFC UK in Case of a Complaint?

If you have a problem, you may contact KFC UK through the following channels:

  • Fill out the Customer Contact: Fill up theform with the specifics of your issue.
  • Contact the KFC Customer Service Department: You can contact the KFC CS department at 0 (345) 753-2532.
  • Make a complaint by going to Customer Service: You can personally visit the CS department and file your complaint.
  • Send direct messages: You can direct messages to KFC (UK) on Twitter.
  • Send a letter of complaint to the following address:

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Great Britain) Limited Orion Gate, Guildford Road Woking, Surrey GU22 7NJ United Kingdom.

How Do I Make My Complaint If I Ordered Online at KFC?

Customers who have a problem with an online transaction have different methods for filing a complaint:

  • They can complain about the KFC location where they pick up their online orders.
  • KFC is a participating restaurant of online purchasing platforms in several areas.
  • These platforms may only be responsible for a part of a customer’s complaint.
  • Customers can file concerns by contacting the CS department in their area, visiting KFC’s contact page on the internet, sending an email, or using social media platforms.

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What Happens When You Lodge Your Complaint at KFC?

By building a mechanism for addressing customer complaints, KFC has taught its employees to deal with as many concerns locally as quickly.

It is the basic template for that structure:

  • If you file a complaint online, you will receive an automatic notification that it has been received and logged.
  • Someone contacts you right away to gather information about your issue. Try to be exact.
  • At this stage, you can give any proof you have. KFC records this interaction. You should follow suit.
  • KFC-UK may investigate your claims. It may satisfy its position and make preparations depending on the outcome.
  • Even if you haven’t made your point well, KFC will try not to upset you and may give apologies, discounts, or refunds.
  • The firm, on the other hand, refuses to accept legal responsibility.

What Is the KFC UK Phone Number?

The following are the KFC UK phone numbers:

  • 0 (345) 753-2532 KFC Customer Service
  •  01 (483) 717-000 KFC Headquarters

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How Do I Email KFC UK to File a Complaint?

How Do I Email KFC UK to File a Complaint

Your complaint will not be received through email from KFC UK directly. The complaint department provides no formal complaint email for sending complaints. Instead of an email address, the corporation offers a contact form through which customers can register complaints.

KFC-UK can use the contact forms instead of an email to report your complaint electronically in the description field.

Calling customer service or contact the company’s website and official social media accounts or other ways to contact KFC UK with complaints.

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How Do KFC UK Handle Complaints?

Depending on how you filed the complaint, you may receive quick resolution or feedback on when KFC-UK will resolve the complaint. If you make a complaint in person, for example, the person involved may fix the problem, refer you to someone who can help, or tell you when KFC-UK will resolve the issue.

Similarly, if your phone to submit a complaint, you can either obtain a remedy right away or be told when you will resolve the problem. KFC UK will find severe complaints submitted through the website or social media accounts and respond by email or phone to the complainant.

What Are KFC UK’s Customer Service Hours?

Depending on the area, KFC is only available during working hours if you want to complain in person or by phone. It’s possible that calling in and filing your complaint in person will be faster than other options. Although you can file a complaint online at any time, someone will contact you during business hours. Monday through Saturday, KFC UK’s customer service hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., while Sundays are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It’s worth noting that these service hours are likely to be decreased during UK bank holidays.

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KFC has invested in the building of a complaint resolution system. Consumers can file complaints in person at the restaurant, over the phone, or online. Unfortunately, some customers are still dissatisfied, and they take their complaints to review sites, government agencies, and the courts. In-person visits, phone calls, contact forms, the official website, written letters, and social media pages are all ways KFC UK receives complaints.

Customers can use these forums to voice their discontent with the company’s products and services. Following that, the corporation seeks to solve the issues to increase customer happiness and loyalty.

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