Pooh Shiesty Net Worth Bio & Early Life Explained

From Memphis, Tennessee, an American rapper Lontrell Denell Williams Jr., is known by Pooh Shiesty. Well known by his stage name in the United States and all over.

His nickname since his childhood was “Mr. Pooh,” and due to his lifestyle, he was called Shiesty. He was born on November 18, 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Pooh shiesty net worth

He signed with 1017 Records and Gucci Mane Atlantic Records. He spent a couple of years in the Cane Creek Apartments on the south side and in Pflugerville, Texas.

He developed a keen interest in music at the age of 18 after completing his graduation. 

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth, Age, Family, Girlfriend & Controversies

Montreal D. Williams, a popular artist known by his childhood name Pooh Shiesty took his summer school for graduation in Memphis. He developed an interest in rap music and songwriting when he turned 18.

He started music at the age of 18. “Hell Night” was his first debut single with which he started his career. Succeeded by a music video, “Shiesty summer” was released five months later, and the process continued. 

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Following table states about his age, family, relationship status, net worth and controversies; 

Real name: Lontrell Dennell Williams 
Celebrated Name:Pooh Shiesty 
Age:21 years 
Place of birth:Memphis, Tennessee 
Marital status:single 
Net worth:$1.5 million 
Controversies:Arrested for robbery and firearm charges

 How much is Pooh Shiesty Worth in 2021?

Around $1.5 is the estimated wealth of Pooh Shiesty as of 2021. His source of income is are the music sales and streaming from platforms. After signing with Gucci Mane, he receives a huge amount. 

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 How much is Pooh Shiesty Worth in 2021?

Around $1.5 is the estimated wealth of Pooh Shiesty as of 2021. His source of income is are the music sales and streaming from platforms. After signing with Gucci Mane, he receives a huge amount. 

How much is poooh shiesty worth in 2021?

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Is it Pooh Shiesty Rapper or Not?

Yes, he is. Pooh Shiesty is known as a well-known second-generation rapper. His father, too, was a rapper.

Three years ago, he started rapping, highly influenced by Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and Kodak Black. 

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What is Pooh Shiesty Bio & Early Life?

Here is a brief to Pooh Shiesty wiki, bio, and early life. Born in Memphis, Lontrell Williams is a popular American rap artist.

He was given the nickname “Pooh Shiesty” by his late brother, who died at an early age of brain cancer. Pooh was good-looking, with brown eyes, shiny black hair, and a tall guy.

What is pooh shiesty bio early  life?

His favorite brands are Gucci, Nike, Adidas, and Versace.

He was inspired by his father, who was a famous rapper. His mother’s name was. During his elementary school education, he developed an interest in music. He started his music career at the age of 18.

In high school, he made a gang,” Choppa Gang,” to sharpen his rap skills. After his graduation, he started dedicatedly working on music in Memphis.

He rose to prominence by signing and collaborating with other rappers and Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records and Atlantic Records. 

  • His first track online in 2018 was Moniker. 
  • In 2019, his track “Shiesty Summer” gained huge success with millions of likings and video views. 
  • In 2020, he signed with Gucci Mane. He was successful in releasing a lot of popular projects including, Monday to Sunday” featuring Lil Durk and Big30, “Twerksum” and “Back in Blood,”
  • In 2021, he also released many successful projects like “Guard Up” and “Make a Way,” and the Debut mixtape.  

Main Slime Remix’ and ‘Shiesty Summer’ were those viral projects that enabled him to gain lots of success with 940k followers on Instagram and 122k subscribers on YouTube. 

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What is Pooh Shiesty Albums | Best Songs?

His compilation Album is listed below;

TitleAlbum details 
So Icy Summer Released: 3rd July, 2020 Label: GUWOP, Atlantic Format: Digital download, streaming
So Icy Gang, Vol. 1Released: 16th October, 2020 Label: GUWOP, Atlantic Format: Digital download, streaming

 The ten top best tracks f Pooh Shiesty are listed below;

  •  SUVs (Black on Black)
  • Back In Blood (feat. Lil Durk) 
  • Switch it Up (feat. G Herbo, No More Heroes) 
  • Neighbors (feat. BIG30) 
  • Welcome To The Riches (feat. Lil Baby) 
  • 7.62 God. 7.62 God.
  • Monday to Sunday (feat. Lil Baby & BIG30) 
  • Rip Stick (feat. Pooh Shiesty & Sykobob)
  • SoIcyBoyz 2 (feat. Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano & Tay Keith)

 Pooh Shiesty Career | How Pooh Shiesty Made Money?

His main source of making money is his music albums and streaming from different platforms.

An estimation regarding his wealth is $1.5. After the deal signing with Gucci Mane, he had made lots more money. He is performing extraordinarily despite being a newcomer. 

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What is Pooh Shiesty Ethnicity | About Pooh Shiesty House?

He belongs to a mixed African- American ethnicity. An American nationality holder and belongs to Christianity. 

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how Pooh Shiesty Social Media Handles | His career start as a musician:

Platform Links of Profiles
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/poohshiesty375
You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTBIIbIs83IBsy4E1BQxYBw
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/poohshiesty/?hl=en
Twitter https://twitter.com/pooh_shiesty

Is Pooh Shiesty Married | Who Pooh Shiesty’s mom is?

No, 21 years old Pooh Shiesty is not married. He is young, handsome, tall height, with black hair color, and light brown attractive eye color.

He has never uploaded any information about his girlfriend or his personal life.

Is pooh shiesty married?

Once, his video with a pretty lady went viral, but he didn’t respond to it as well.

It is evident from all these circumstances that his only focus is his career. He has a small family. His mother is known as Gladys Baines.

HE bought a house for his mother after the death of his brother. He had a brother – a hip-hop artist who died of brain cancer at a very early age. Now, Pooh takes care of his son as well. 

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Pooh Shiesty Height (How Tall is Pooh Shiesty Actually?)

Weighing about sixty-three kilograms, Pooh Shiesty has an ideal height of 5 feet 9 inches. 

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Pooh Shiesty Instagram ID | Nationality | Educational Background?

There is some ambiguity about the Instagram ID of Pooh Shiesty, whether it is authentic or not.

But his user name is @poohshiesty. Go to your Instagram account and search him @poohshiesty to keep yourself updated on the great rapper. Pooh Shiesty is an American nationality holder.

He belongs to mixed ethnicity. This 21-year-old boy was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on November 8, 1999.

He spent some of his childhood in Cam Creek Apartments on the south side. To attend summer school, he returned to Memphis from Pflugerville, Texas. he completed his graduation in Memphis. 

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Why was Pooh Shiesty Arrested | Does Pooh take any Drugs?

Pooh was arrested several times in different cases, but he did not take drugs ever. 

In connection to a shooting in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, he got arrested on October 13, 2020. Though, he was set free from police custody the same day. The allegations on him were:

Why was pooh shiesty arrested?
  • Armed robbery
  • Aggravated assault and battery
  • Criminal theft

Another arrest connected to a shooting at a strip club in Northwest Miami- Dade on June 9, 2021. 

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Since his debut in 2019, Pooh Shiesty has released a collection of 22 songs that gained great success. This young talent has widely entered the limelight in the industry due to his talent.

He has millions of followers on his Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts. 

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