Ten Commandments of Seven Deadly Sins: Ranked by Their Powers

The background story of the ten commandments of seven deadly sins:

The ten powerful forces selected by the Demon King as the special forces of Demon are regarded as Ten Commandments, and there is a Commandment counterpart.

The ruler of the entire Demon clan, The King of Demons, divided his power into ten parts and then accorded these magical powers to each of the ten warriors.

So, each elite warrior had special magic power that was unique commandments that punished those who broke a specific commandment.

His fighting style was mainly based on using a magic spear to create all kinds of attacks.

The ten commandments of Judeo-Christian religious tradition, like in the bible, are similar to these Ten Commandments.

Each member has to stick to their commandment and has no margin to violate it or misuse the physical strength.

Some members of the Ten Commandments were born in the Demon clan, while the rest was members of other races.

The original commandments of giftedness were:

  1. You shall have no gods before me
  2. You shall make yourself a carved image
  3. You shall not take the name of Lord your God in vain.
  4. You shall remember the Sabbath Day.
  5. Honour your father and your mother
  6. You shall not murder
  7. You shall not commit adultery
  8. You shall not steal
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour
  10. You shall not Covent your neighbour’s house

10 Commandments, Ranked by Their Power

The extremely powerful ten Demon elite warriors were given the Ten Commandments.

The ruler of the Demon clan named Demon King handpicked the ten commandments and then granted the demonic power to the ten warriors.

The King accorded each member with the magic power of the commandment, and anyone who condemned a specific rule to that member punishment was imposed.

Ranked by the level of power, the Ten Commandments are listed below; from the weakest, i.e. 10th, to the strongest, i.e. 1st;

10th: Selflessness (Fraudrin) – 31,000
9th. Faith ( Melascula)– 34,000
8th. Pacifism ( Grayroad)– 39,000
7th. Truth (Galand) – 40,000
6th. Repose (Gloxinia) – 50,000
5th. Purity (Derieri) – 52,000
4th. Reticence (Monspeet) – 53,000
3rd. Patience (Drole) – 54,000
2nd. Piety (Zeldris) – 61,000
1st. Love (Mael / Estarossa) – 200,000+
10_fraudrin – 31,000

Starting from the lower ranking demon, it’s the weakest commandment among the ten.

The commandment to Selflessness concerns to needs and desires of others as compared to one’s own that is a common practice.

It was a monstrous demon whose power of Full-Size allowed him to grow bigger. According to this commandment, if someone wants anything that is meant for him, he will lose his feelings and memories.

So no negative feelings for others by this monstrous demon. Whoever harbours greed and selflessness will lose all sense of himself.

These were the commandments antagonist to the moral commandments. Fraud was held responsible for killing. He did not understand the selflessness commandment before he had to experience it.

Although it was not a true commandment, it represented Wizard Gowther commandment of altruism. This lower ranking demon was always under Zeldris’ possession.

Fraud in dies in a single hit turning into ashes by attack powerful. Fraud believed that humanity could be defeated by ancient demons.

9_Melascula – 34,000

The dead and dying are being manipulated by a powerful female demon skilled enough, such as it has the strength of a giant.

These lesser demons represent the commandment of faith. Around her, anyone showing faithlessness will find his eyes set on fire.

This hidden power gives the female demon tremendous summoning abilities, along with manipulating space abilities.

She had the power to ward off anyone reaching the Camelot and to corrupt the doors that lead to the home of the Clan of the Goddesses due to the tremendous summoning abilities.

”Awakening of Rancorous Souls”, was the spell she used to resurrect Elaine and the former holy knight Zaratras. A loss of six hearts to her because of Ban. Captured by Merlin, she turned out to be a simple snake.

8_Grayroad – 39,000

A commandment of Pacifism gives the ability to kill ( Physical attack) in old age is given by this grey demon commandment.

8_Grayroad – 39,000

After the ancient war, Grayroad was locked. Life of individuals sped up on account of killings In front of Grayroad.

Most of its power is from magic and magical ability. The use of uncanny ability to transform living things into demons. Without breaking her commandment, she was allowed to fight by causing disease.

7_Galand – 40,000

A tall demon covered in crimson body armour, the commandment of truth. A liar in his presence will turn into a stone. To undo this act, Galand had to apply his ability to himself.

During a battle against Escanar, it was stated that if one of them dies, the battle shall be over.

Galand tried to escape the battle due to today godly power of Escanar and was turned into stone as a result of his commandment against that godly power. He was angered by the defeated hands of an accursed demon.

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6_Gloxinia – 50,000

Before the demise, the first fairy king joined the commandment of repose.

About more than 3000 years ago, with his friends and family, Gloxinia lived a contented life who always hoped to enter the fairy forest.

It’s an unknown commandment there as the fairy king’s forest he Bans utilized his blood to restore the sacred tree.

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5_Derieri – 52,000

The commandment of purity – combo star power held by one of the three female commandments. She took part in several battles against a clan of the Goddesses due to her hatred for those beings.

To acquire the Indura form, the female demon gains more strength and power level, but in return, she has to sacrifice her prudence.

In elder age, Elizbeth was forced to change her to their original form by purifying her.

In this female commandment, She had athletic women like appearance with demon marks covering her chest, and those demon marks were also present on her right leg.

Combo star is her main attack by which she gains magic powers to blow her opponents.

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4_Monspeet – 53,000

Of the original few Commandments’ members is the Commandment of Reticence before it was sealed by the Clan of Goddesses. This commandment relates to sincerity and silence.

He says he could not confess for many years what he felt for his partner. He helped his companions after being set free by Fraudrin to retake the kingdom.

Derieri, the fellow of Monspeet found by Meliodas transported by Elizabeth Liones and Zaratras, interfered with being defeated by Meliodas.

Monspeet remains hidden, with Derieri avoiding the Ten Commandments. By force, Estarossa tries to obtain his Commandments to help Melodías to overthrow the demon king.

It ends with extreme measures, such as when Monspeet loses the only heart leftover with him, which decides to use his last strength to remove Derieri to save her.

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3_Drole – 54,000

He was the Commandment of Patience and the king of the giants before he gave up his title and joined the Commandments.

Much similar to a burly man, skin covered in a rock-like texture plus an extra pair of arms. It was somewhat his physical appearance.

Drole was forced to join the commandment, and after several years he was set free for retaking the kingdoms from humans by Hendrickson and Fraud in.

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2_Zeldris – 61,000

Head of ten commandments, Son of Demon king, Younger brother of Meliodas represented the Commandment of Piety.

2_Zeldris - 61,000

Whosoever turns his back becomes faithful to him, plus the king of demons. He had some grudge in his heart for his father for forcing him to kill his beloved Gelda.

Demon king gave him a part of his strength. It is considered the strongest commandment. Both stand at the same level, and Zeldrsi is can not compete.

He has the power to cancel any magical attack directed at him. He possessed an incredible attractive power known as the Ominous Nebula, which allows creating a dark vortex to suck any living being at its centre.

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1_Mael (estarossa)– 88,000

Brother of Maliodas and Denon’s king son is the second strongest of the Ten Commandments. The highest-ranking demon, we can say. It portrays the commandment of love.

The ability to attack someone is lost if someone feels hatred in his presence. It was the most attractive power. Based upon the level of power, it stands as number one.

He developed a strong inferiority complex from Meliodas as he fell in love with Goddess Elizbeth.

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The Demon King has given the commandments as curses to the elite demons. In the past, The Demon King used to have too much power, which he divided into 10 parts.

It could be done half, but in this case, the person who gave him the Commandment would have had more power than him.

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