What is Tumbler For? Types of Tumblers

The serving glasses for liquids/cold drinks with various sizes and a wide range of shapes. It is generally referred to as a straight glass for liquids with no handles, a wider mouth, and a narrower base.

What is tumbler for?

It is a beverage container made of different materials like glass, stainless steel, plastic, etc. Mostly suited for outdoor events or traveling.

They do not have a definite shape but mostly a circular base with a conical wall raising. They are mostly used at bars though not specifically made for alcoholic drinks.

They are found in a wide range of sizes 12 oz. and 20 oz. (0.35 to 0.95 liters). 

What is a Tumbler Cup?

The use of a tumbler cup is very trendy and common nowadays. It is now preferred to carry away tumbler cups compared to disposable paper cups.

You can enjoy a summer picnic, a beach day, or a corporate outing with an insulated tumbler cup. They are reusable travel mugs.

These stainless steel tumbler cups can be a very special gift for your friend, colleagues, or any special ones. 

What is a tumbler cup used for?

Traditionally the use of tumbler cups is for carrying or keeping liquids, mostly lemonade, iced teas, smoothies, and summer cocktails.

These double-walled stainless steel tumblers insulate hot (warm drink) and cold (chilling drink) beverages. This fashioned glass tumbler is made of different materials that help keep the liquid’s actual temperature.

Easy portable containers aid a lot while traveling. 

What is a Travel Mug Vs. Tumbler? 

Despite the similarities, there are certain differences between a travel mug and a tumbler. 

What is a travel mug vs. tumbler?

The handle; A tumbler is a container with no handle but a mug with a holding handle. A tumbler fits easily into a bag with its elongated smart body without any holder. 

The shape; they both may differ in shape. At the same time, travel mugs are usually square. A tumbler is a container with a small narrow base and a wide mouth.  

The Lid; A tumbler has a lid and a straw option for drinking, while the mug is an open broad mouth container. 

What is the difference between a Travel Mug and a Tumbler? 

 Travel mug 


 Travel mug Tumbler 
Material Stainless steel or Aluminum drinkware Stainless steel or plastic 
Lid style Push on / slide style Screws on style shape( leak-proof lid) 
Shape Straight narrow pointed towards the rim 
Applicationsuitable for both hot & cold drinks Mostly for chilling drinks( cold beverages) 

Types of Tumblers

There are different types and shapes of the Tumbler like commercial tumblers, travel tumblers, compost tumblers; they are of different colors and intricate patterns.

They are made of different materials like glass, stainless steel, plastic, etc.  

What should You use a Tumbler For?

It is used to serve drinks/ beverages at home or restaurants. It resembles much to a pint but is a bit non-smooth. Whether it is a larger tumbler or a smaller one, they are the best option, or hot coffee and cold drinks. 

What should  you use a tumbler for?

How do You choose the Right Travel Mug?

There are five basic factors essential for making the right choice for a travel mug; 

  1. The material from which it is made
  2. How long does it provide insulation 
  3. What size is considered standard?
  4. How stylish it looks 
  5. How is the lid attached to your mug

A mug larger enough in size, with metal insulation, a spill-resistant lid, and a stylish look is the right choice of a travel mug. 

How to Personalize a Tumbler?

There are different ways to customize your tumblers. The plastic and stainless steel tumblers with the decals and epoxy are customized, and by etching, you can customize your glass tumblers.

Both these methods employ the use of the circuit also. Tumblers can be personalized and given as gifts as well. 

How to Seal a Tumbler without Epoxy?

Using a modge podge or something similar adhesive like Extreme Protection polyurethane, decals and paints can be sealed on tumblers.

After cleaning the tumbler surface, it needs to be placed on a cup turner. By using a brush, apply adhesive equally to the surface of the Tumbler.

By sparkling a little, you can add glitter to it. Let it dry for an hour. Another layer can be added once it gets dried.

Once you fully coat the Tumbler, crystal clear acrylic sealer or gloss glaze can be used for sealing. 

How to Remove Epoxy from the Tumbler? 

 This task needs to be done in an open space with lots of ventilation. If you opt to use acetone to remove epoxy, make sure there isn’t any flammable substance nearby.

How to remove epoxy from the tumbler?

Do use a full-face respirator. While working, you will need hand gloves, acetone, foil, and paper towels to wrap the Tumbler.

After wrapping the Tumbler in a paper towel, place it onto the foil. Then place it into a plastic bag. Allow it to settle in acetone for 24 hours.

Now remove the bag and carefully unwrap it. Do keep it safe. Use an acetone paper towel to wipe the Tumbler. Use a fresh paper towel to wipe the Tumbler until all paint or epoxy is removed.

Alcohol may also aid you in removing any residue, if any. 

 When do You use a Travel Mug?

Whenever you are out for travel, you carry a piece of drinkware. More best with the hot drinks. A travel mug is mostly made of metal and possesses a screw lid to slide open the mug.

It is mostly used when you are outside from home or traveling. You can go for a stainless steel travel mug as well. 

What is Tumbler used for in the Bathroom?

Among other different bathroom accessories are the bathroom tumblers as well. They are mostly found in hotel bathrooms.

Some are used for real, while others are only for decorative purposes. So basically, Tumbler is a pointed and long glass-like container usually kept in the bathroom that serves the purpose of drinking.

Still, it is kept as a decoration only as per the increase in awareness from diseases prevention. 

What is a Tumbler used in Cooking?

A tumbling machine is quite a good choice to blend, marinate, or massage. It is also very beneficial in tumbling a range of meats, including beef, pork, poultry, and fish.

It also serves the purpose of mixing and blending vegetables and salads. It is interesting to note that it does not require excessive space and additional human resources.

So tumblers can be equally useful in cooking as well. 

How to make a Tumbler with a Circuit?

You can make a tumbler by using different kinds of circuits and vinyl cutting machines. If you are going to make a glass tumbler, what you need is a circuit, etching cream, removable vinyl, and transfer tape.

How to make a tumbler with a circuit?

By making a design with your circuit, you need to remove the design from the removable vinyl and fill the spots with etching cream.

Next, you need to place the design on the glass tumbler. Letting it sit for about 30 minutes, you can wash off the etching cream and peel off the vinyl or painter’s tape to reveal your etched glass tumbler.

Plastic or stainless steel tumblers can also be created by using a circuit. The first thing you need to do is wash your Tumbler to make sure of the sticking of the decal.

Then make the design for your Tumbler. After it, cut your design by the use of your circuit. Do stick the decal to a plastic or stainless steel tumbler; take enough time to remove the air bubbles carefully.

Another way is the glitter coating to personalize your stainless steel tumblers. 

How to make a Glitter Tumbler

There are several items you will need to personalize your stainless steel tumbler. What you need will be 

  • Some glitter 
  • Epoxy Mixture
  • hand gloves 
  • heat gun 
  • spray paint 
  1. The very first step is to paint your Tumbler with the aid of spray and let it dry completely. 
  2. Now place your painted Tumbler on a cup turner. 
  3. On spray painted area of the Tumbler, you need to apply a thin layer of mixed epoxy resin that should serve the adhesive purpose for the glitter. 
  4. A heat gun can make even the surface after epoxy streaks if any. 
  5. Now you need to shake out the glitter on the Tumbler covered with epoxy. 
  6.  The rotary action of the turner will allow even distribution of glitter on the surface of the Tumbler and the flat base, repeating the process if the Tumbler is not fully covered with glitter. For at least two hours, allow the spinning process.  
  7. By using a gloved hand, you can ensure the even distribution of glitter on the Tumbler and flat bottom. 
  8. Another epoxy mixture needs to be prepared to pour onto the already glittered Tumbler. 
  9. Using a heat gun, even the surface allows bubbles to come to the surface. 
  10.  Your glitter tumbler will be ready after a spin of six hours and after drying for the next six hours. 

Why should You Customize Your Drinkware?

Customized drinkware is beneficial for all. They collectively produce the following results; 

  • It brings a positive impact on your Heart Functioning. 
  • It helps effectively manage your weight, as water intake is very beneficial for weight loss. 
  • It reduces the chances of diabetes
  • It improves Cognition & Mood as well 
  • It also improves your energy level. 
  • Improves Skin Health and Skin Complexion
  • Lastly, quality and customized drinkware are a Must for Workstations

What is the difference between Tumbler, Cup, Mug, and Glass? Is it the Handle?

A tumbler is a long narrow-based liquid container. It has a broader mouth and often a straw opening while no handle and no stem. They may vary in size from smaller to larger sizes. 

Containers with thick sides and a handle or a cup holder for holding is a mug, actually the type of cup.

 Glass is also a type of cup that is often with thinner sides. It also has no handle like a tumbler, but it may or may not have a stem.

What is a Tumbler in Gymnastics?

Tall and pointed drinking glass with straight sides is commonly referred to as a tumbler. In gymnastics, the Tumbler is used as a noun.

What is a tumbler in gymnastics?

A person who performs gymnastic tricks and techniques called the acrobat is often called a tumbler due to their skills in tumbling, like round-offs, flips, aerials, back handspring, etc.

So a gymnast is called a tumbler in gymnastics. 

What are the differences between a Yeti Rambler Tumbler and a Mug?

The tumblers will keep your soda, beer, wine, smoothie, or mixed drinks ice cold. They’re designed for easy loading, drinking, and cleaning. 

The YETI Rambler appeals to buyers through its beautiful designs and solid build. But the mug’s flaws—specifically the poor insulation performance.

Its inability to close the lid is one more thing, which means it is not a suitable option for most buyers. 

What does a Plastic Tumbler?

Tumblers are of different types, out of which one is made of plastic material. It is most common that those insulated tumblers are either plastic or stainless steel.

They are less expensive than other types. A stainless steel one provides more effective temperature retention and effectively prevents the absorption of flavors and odors. 

Can Tumblers be Used for Hot Drinks?

A great hot beverage/ drink option is a stainless steel tumbler. It holds and keeps the drinks hot inside. The lids above it, which are sometimes also a screw-on lid, help maintain the inside temperature.

Provide a great deal of insulation. As heat requires a medium to travel, and stainless steel acts as an insulator, and as a result, heat does not escape the Tumbler.

It is very useful in maintaining the actual temperature of the drink retaining fresh material content. It becomes very easy for the travel coffee or hot chocolate to maintain its original temperature after hours of traveling.

It can also be called a coffee tumbler that does not change the taste of the coffee. 

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Difference between Tumbler vs. Water Bottle?

Using a modge podge or something similar adhesive like Extreme Protection polyurethane, decals and paints can be sealed on tumblers.

Difference between tumbler vs. water bottle.

After cleaning the tumbler surface, it needs to be placed on a cup turner. By using a brush, apply adhesive equally to the surface of the Tumbler.

By sparkling a little, you can add glitter to it. Once you fully coat the Tumbler, crystal clear acrylic sealer or gloss glaze can be used for sealing. Let it dry for an hour. Another layer can be added once it gets dried. 

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It is very clear the usefulness of a tumbler while out or for travel. Carrying a tumbler with you is a safer and better choice. 

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